How to Pay iqama Renewal Fee through ATM

This is a step-by-step guide to pay iqama renewal fee through ATM easily. You just need to have your Debit Card or Credit Card from Any bank in KSA and go to the nearest ATM Machine. Note: With help of this method you can pay the fee in Al-Rajhi Bank, Al-Ahli Bank and NCB ATM … Read more

How to Pay iqama Renewal Fee Online [New Method]

Today I will share a step-by-step guide to pay iqama renewal fee online from your bank account. It will be a simple, authentic procedure that will help you pay all kinds of iqama-related fees online. So first we will see how we can pay the renewal fee with Al-Rajhi Bank. For this purpose, we will … Read more

Check iqama renewal Fees in Saudi Arabia

iqama fee

According to new policies you can pay iqama renewal fees quarterly, biannually, or annually. There are two types of companies in KSA. Renewal fees are different for expatriates working in both companies. Iqama Renewal Fees If a company has more than 50% Saudi citizens as employees then iqama renewal fees will be following for expatriates. … Read more

Iqama Medical Tests Fees, Requirements, Centers in KSA

iqama medical tests

According to the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, expats arriving in the country must take an iqama medical test. Qualifying the medical test is a mandatory requirement while applying for the Saudi iqama A.K.A. residence permit. Expatriate medical tests serve the purpose of national health security. In simpler words, let’s say, examining expats … Read more

Dependent fees of Iqama in Saudi Arabia

KSA government is severe with migration and work strategy, especially on account of expats. Before a non-Saudi person may work in KSA, the applicant requires local support. This is a local employer that will apply and ensure the essential work license and residency card (Iqama), for the worker to work and remain in the nation. … Read more