How to Pay iqama Renewal Fee through ATM

This is a step-by-step guide to pay iqama renewal fee through ATM easily. You just need to have your Debit Card or Credit Card from Any bank in KSA and go to the nearest ATM Machine. Note: With help of this method you can pay the fee in Al-Rajhi Bank, Al-Ahli Bank and NCB ATM … Read more

How to Pay iqama Renewal Fee Online [New Method]

Today I will share a step-by-step guide to pay iqama renewal fee online from your bank account. It will be a simple, authentic procedure that will help you pay all kinds of iqama-related fees online. So first we will see how we can pay the renewal fee with Al-Rajhi Bank. For this purpose, we will … Read more

iqama Date Converter [Arabic to English] or [Hijri to Gregorian]

iqama date converter

Today we are going to share a secure method for an iqama date converter. You can convert English to Arabic date or Hijri to the Gregorian calendar. As we know, Majorly, the world follows English Calendar, but Saudi Arabia follows Arabic or Hijri calendar. So it becomes Expatriates to understand Arabic dates because they are … Read more

Iqama for new born baby in Saudi Arabia

Congrats! For being blessed with a child. As a resident of Saudia Arabia, your top priority must be applying and making a newly born baby iqama. The methodology includes numerous steps. You will require a few documents, filling and submitting forms, an appointment letter for Ahwal Al Madni, and Jawazat and furthermore paying a levy … Read more

What does it mean by Yellow Iqama color?

When you move to KSA and join any Saudi company, you need to have a legal document Iqama. When you get Iqama from the HR office and start your job, you need to know about your iqama status in detail. In the case of Iqama, one thing is essential and that is Iqama’s color or … Read more