Exit/Re-Entry Saudi Arabia Rules

An exit visa is a government-granted document permitting an individual to leave a nation.  Most worries about acquiring a visa are related to the entrance of a nation by a non-resident, and that individual’s right to work there or remain long term. However, some nations require exit visas also.  Understanding the Exit Visa  Nations that … Read more

Check Exit Re entry visa validity status

check exit re entry visa status

In this guide you can find 2 methods to check exit re entry visa status both are easy to follow first one is without Absher portal. If you ought to go to any country for some reason you request a visa and when you obtain that visa, you can proceed to your destined country along … Read more

How to Check Saudi Arabia Visa Status online?

You can submit your application for the issuance of a Saudi Arabian visa directly through the  Saudi mission situated in your nation or by an authorized Saudi visa agency of the Royal Embassy of  Saudi Arabia. In case, you have applied for a tourist e-Visa, the corresponding status updates and the approved visa will be … Read more

Saudi Arabia Visa Check and Information

Hundreds of visa applicants apply for a Saudi visa online or to the Saudi embassy in their country. The foreign ministry of KSA receives many applications and approve them according to law and requirements. Here, I have all the necessary details that will help you with the Saudi Arabia visa check.  As a hub of … Read more

Check Visa Validity | Status | Exit Re-entry | Mofa

visa validity

These days there are many issues related to Visa validity in KSA. Because they have changed online portals. So Now you need to register on Absher to check Validity and expiry dates of Visit, Exit re-entry, Mofa visa or Muqeem status. But still, you can check it on E-serve portal maybe this will also shift … Read more