iqama Date Converter [Arabic to English] or [Hijri to Gregorian]

Today we are going to share a secure method for an iqama date converter. You can convert English to Arabic date or Hijri to the Gregorian calendar.

As we know, Majorly, the world follows English Calendar, but Saudi Arabia follows Arabic or Hijri calendar. So it becomes Expatriates to understand Arabic dates because they are habitual of English Dates.

Note: if you want to check the iqama Expiry date then Kindly visit our homepage.

So usually Expatriates as for iqama date converter in Saudi Arabia so that they can convert the date.

So today, we are going to share a few easy converters for you where you can easily see your desired format of the date.

Check Iqama Expiry  Date converter

1: Islamic finder

It is a really good program to check the desired iqama dates and convert them with one click. Just try it you will become happy with its results. It has many other features like, Qibla direction, prayer timings, and many others, which help you during stay in KSA.


2: Islam City

It is another site similar to the above but it is easier to understand and help newbies in date conversion with one click.You can also check your iqama issuance date and date of birth with help of this. It will also help to check Visa dates and Passport expiry dates. This website has many other good features like Quran search and Islamic quiz etc.


3: Date Hijri

Date Hijri is another great convert it is lite weight and mobile-friendly you can bookmark this for regular use in KSA. Because you can see iqama dates and many others like Visa passport or Medical license dates with help of this.

Daily Life uses

We will highly recommend you save these sites in your browser because these will help you daily. Because during the stay in KSA, everyone needs to convert the dates daily. So these sites can be a perfect companion for you in KSA.

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