Check iqama Mehna or profession status [change process and Fees]

You can check iqama Mehna or profession within few minutes with the help of this straightforward guide in KSA. We will also help to change the job.

Saudi Arabic government issues “Iqama” as per their policy to manage foreign hire’s employment in the country. Saudi government offers iqama or residence permit to the expatriates staying on an employment visa.

Today, in this blog, we will discuss the iqama profession, iqama profession check, iqama profession status change, fees, and common occupations for expatriates.

How To Check Iqama Mehna?

An expatriate can follow two methods to check the status of their iqama profession change. It is also known as Mehna in Arabic.

Moi Website Method

The first method includes checking from the official Saudi websites. As an expatriate applies to profession change, it is registered and updated on the MoL (ministry of Labor) records.

After paying the fees of profession change or Mehna, the records are further updated on the MoI (ministry of interior) website records.

Absher App Method for Mehna

The second method follows with the MoI Absher application. You have to follow the following steps to check your Iqama profession change or Mehna status:

Step#1: First, you need to begin with an activated MoI account or Absher app portal. If you still have not owned an account, you can create an account on Absher using its website.

Step#2: If you have an activated Absher account, log into the account using User ID/ / iqama number, password, and image code to verify your iqama profession status. You will receive a verification SMS on your mobile phone, which will redirect you to the Absher app.

Step#3: After successfully logging in, look on the top-right section of your Absher app, having your image and name written to check the iqama profession status. Click on your picture or name and a drop-down menu bar will appear — select “Dashboard” from the drop-down menu.

Step#4: As the dashboard appears, look on the left side of the screen right below your name, picture, and marital status. You will find your iqama profession or Mehna written at the bottom of the dashboard.

Step#5: Now that your Iqama profession is visible, you can be assured of the formalities related to iqama profession change or Mehna fulfillment.

How To Change Profession or Mehna Status ?

According to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia new rules of 2019, It is highly prohibited to show irrelevant profession compared to the current job an expatriate have in hand. If the case found, the expat would be charged hefty fine and deportation in extreme cases. Here is the simple procedure to change your iqama profession status with the following steps:

Iqama Mehna Selection

According to the latest rules of the Saudi government, you need to change or select your profession as per the expertise and current job in hand. If you have an alternative case, you may change your iqama profession status by choosing a suitable Iqama profession.

While selecting the iqama profession, an expat must be sure of the job which is available for foreign employees. They should avoid choosing the occupations which are reserved for Saudi citizens. KSA has some primary professions reserved only for Saudis.

Documents Required For Profession Change

Attested Degrees: If an expat desires to change their iqama Mehna, they must have their certified degree in the relevant field. According to KSA 2019 rules, the degree should be attested from the Saudi culture and Saudi Embassy of an expat’s native country from where the degree was issued.

Registration from Saudi legal departments: When an expat opts to change their iqama profession, they must get themselves registered from relevant Saudi official departments.

For example, if you wish to change your job to engineering, you must get logged from the Saudi Council of Engineers before applying for the Iqama profession change.

 Fees: The fees schedule to change the iqama profession as per Saudi Labour laws 2019, an expat must pay SR 1000/- through Sadad during applying to change iqama profession. It is mainly the responsibility of an employer or Kafeel to pay the amount.


After collecting all the required legal documents, ask the government relations officer of your company to proceed with the application further. Bear in mind; an employee cannot apply on his own as only the employer reserves this right to request iqama profession change of his employee from Jawazat office.

Penalties Of Fake Profession

If an expat mentions fake or wrong iqama profession, they can be detained in the detention center or deported in the worst scenario. IF Jawazat office raids on employee’s office and find them working irrelevant to their job, an expat may face these penalties:

  • Processing an expat visit visa application for other states may fail because of the low profile profession on iqama.
  • An expat is not allowed to bring his family in KSA permanently. They cannot achieve family status in the country.
  • An expat cannot apply for family or dependents visa, including his wife, children, or parents.

Professions For Domestic Workers

According to the new laws of KSA, if an expat is issued with a domestic visa, i.e., driver or housemaid, etc. The permit or visa is unqualified to change the iqama profession status change to business-related opportunities. Instead, it may only transfer it to other domestic professions.

Mehna Change Status

Once successfully submitting the iqama profession change application from your employer or GRO, you may check the status online on the Absher app and get your iqama card printed out.

Iqama Profession Change Fee

According to KSA laws 2019, Jawazat has predefined the fees for iqama profession change approx. 1000 Saudi Riyals.

Common Professions List For Expatriates

Here is the list of common professions reserved only for the expats living in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In case an expat has other jobs mentioned below or ones that are exclusively reserved for Saudis, hey should immediately apply for profession change status on iqama.

  1. Accounts Verifier, Account auditor, and Accountant
  2. Administration coordinator
  3. Administrative researcher
  4. Account manager
  5. Administrative manager
  6. Agricultural specialist (General)
  7. Air hostess
  8. Air Transport Manager
  9. Aircraft maintenance technician
  10. Aquatic specialist
  11. Air controller
  12. Air navigator
  13. Aircraft landing controller
  14. Aircraft takeoff controller
  15. Archaeological prospector
  16. Architectural draftsman
  17. Archaeological director
  18. Archaeological researcher
  19. Army officer
  20. Artist ( musicians, singers, composers, painters, poets, and actors)
  21. General manager
  22. Assistant pilot
  23. Engineer ( all specializations)
  24. Assistant pharmacist
  25. Astronomer
  26. Aviation guide
  27. Aviation trainer
  28. Bank official
  29. Banking business manager
  30. Author

More professions

  1. Aviation technician
  2. Bank manager
  3. Banker
  4. Career counselor
  5. Businessman
  6. Broadcasting manager
  7. Ship/steamship/carrier/cruise captain
  8. Business lady
  9. Breeding specialist of bees, birds or animals
  10. College dean
  11. Cinema director
  12. Chief justice
  13. Chairman/ executive director
  14. Cinema/ television producer
  15. Cinema cameraman
  16. Chemist (all specialization)
  17. Chairman (all types)
  18. Company or factory manager
  19. Commercial broker
  20. Consultant (all types)
  21. Commercial broker
  22. Factory or company factory manager
  23. Control equipment technician
  24. Correspondent of TV, radio or newspaper
  25. Custom clearer
  26. Decoration designer
  27. Diplomat ( members of diplomatic corps)
  28. Cooperative society manager
  29. Cruise ship guide
  30. Customer specialist
  31. Dental technician ( fixing)
  32. Earthquakes experts
  33. Economic analysts
  34. Embassy employees in GCC countries
  35. Director
  36. ECG technician
  37. Electricity Manager
  38. Engineers (All type)
  39. Executive secretary
  40. Finance manager
  41. Flight technician
  42. Foodstuff technician
  43. The executive manager or director
  44. Farm manager
  45. Finance or economics experts
  46. Food controller
  47. Gardening specialist
  48. General supervisor
  49. Geology technician
  50. Horse breeding technician
  51. General specialist
  52. Geologist (general)


  1. Head of the prosecution
  2. Hospital manager
  3. Information system experts
  4. Insurance manager
  5. investment manager
  6. JewelerJudge
  7. Lab technician
  8. Hotel manager
  9. Institute manager
  10. Investor
  11. Journalist
  12. Lab specialist
  13. Male or female nurse
  14. Literator
  15. Legal researcher
  16. Lecturer
  17. Land transport manager
  18. Laboratory manager
  19. Maintenance manager
  20. Library manager
  21. Legal expert
  22. Advocate/ lawyer
  23. Land hostess
  24. Media manager
  25. Marketing manager
  26. Maritime controller
  27. Marine traffic controller
  28. Marine navigator
  29. Manager ( all types)
  30. Marketing representative
  31. Marketing executive
  32. Marine transport manager
  33. Director or manager (private companies)
  34. Nutrition specialist
  35. Ministry undersecretary
  36. Microscopic technician
  37. Medical X-ray specialist
  38. Medical equipment technician
  39. Media specialist
  40. Museum manager
  41. Mining technician
  42. Media person
  43. Media analysis specialist
  44. Medical therapy specialist
  45. Club President or director
  46. Pilot
  47. Pharmacist
  48. Partner
  49. Operations analyst
  50. All sports player
  51. Physicist
  52. Physicians ( all specializations)
  53. Pharmaceutical technicians
  54. Optical technician
  55. Prosecutor
  56. Program producer
  57. Professor
  58. Production director
  59. Printing and publishing manager
  60. University president or director
  61. Proofreader
  62. Program designer
  63. Professional security and safety technician
  64. Procurement representative
  65. Press photographer
  66. Sales executive
  67. Research and studies director
  68. Regional director
  69. Referee (sports)
  70. Quantity enumerator
  71. Psychiatrist
  72. Road controller
  73. Religious person
  74. Regional director
  75. Radio or TV transmission technician
  76. Quality controller
  77. Speech specialist
  78. Sociologist
  79. Ship maintenance technician
  80. Secretary or library manager
  81. School manager
  82. Sales manager
  83. Special needs teacher
  84. Shop supervisor
  85. Ship captain
  86. Scientists
  87. Sales representatives
  88. Telecom technician
  89. System analysts
  90. Support service jobs
  91. Spots trainer
  92. Sports medicine specialists
  93. Teacher or instructors
  94. Surgeon (all specialization)
  95. Statistic specialists
  96. Sports representative
  97. University professor
  98. TV cameraman translator
  99. Trader
  100. Tourism agency manager
  101. Television manager
  102. TV or radio programs presenter
  103. Travel or tourism agent
  104. Train maintenance technician
  105. Tourist guides
  106. Theatre manager
  107. Zoology specialist
  108. X-ray specialist
  109. Weather expert
  110. University student
  111. X-ray technician
  112. Well drilling technician
  113. Veterinary doctor

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