Iqama for new born baby in Saudi Arabia

Congrats! For being blessed with a child. As a resident of Saudia Arabia, your top priority must be applying and making a newly born baby iqama. The methodology includes numerous steps. You will require a few documents, filling and submitting forms, an appointment letter for Ahwal Al Madni, and Jawazat and furthermore paying a levy for iqama. 

This article will make the entire cycle very simple. It includes two cases which I am going to explain below. Read carefully! 

How to apply Iqama for a newborn baby? 

Case:1 If the baby is born in KSA

Step:1 Get a birth statement from the hospital where your baby is born. 

Step:2 Access the Absher online portal (  to get the birth registration department appointment. You will get an appointment within 3-4 weeks. 

Step:3 Submit the birth statement along with the parents’ passport copies and Iqama. The department will issue a birth certificate in Arabic. 

Step:4 Get the passport from your embassy. 

Step:5 Make a payment for the dependent levy, which includes the period from the date of birth up to the father’s Iqama expiry date.  

Step:6 Get an appointment with Jawazat  from Absher 

Step:6 Visit the Jawazat office to fill out the Iqama issue form. The following documents are required to submit along with the form.

  1.  1 passport size photo 
  2. Father Iqama original along with copies. 
  3. Mother passport and Iqama original and copies. 
  4. Child passport and its copy.
  5. Original birth certificate and its copy. 
  6. A printed copy of the appointment letter. 


Once you have submitted the form along with the required documents, the department will issue Iqama as soon as possible.  

Case: 2 If the baby is born outside Saudi Arabia 

Step:1 Get a passport for a newborn child from your homeland. 

Step:2 Once the baby reaches Saudi Arabia, pay the fee of SR2000 on your Iqama number. If you delay taking the Iqama, you have to pay an additional amount of SR500 as a fine. You are also required to pay the dependent levy for your newborn baby (from the date of entry in KSA to the father’s Iqama expiry date) 

Step:3 Get an appointment with Jawazat from Absher’s online portal ( 

Step:4 Fill up the Iqama issue form and submit it along with the following documents: 

  1. A copy of the polio immunization certificate (which you got from the hospital at the time of birth).
  2. Father Iqama original and its copies 
  3. Mother Passport and Iqama both along with copies. 
  4. Child Passport and its copy 
  5. A printed copy of the Appointment letter. 

Once you have submitted the form and documents, they will issue Iqama instantly.   




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  1. Hello ,
    Can you please clear one more thing …. If newborn baby born inside ksa need insurance to make baby iqama from birth date to parents iqama expiry date.. or insurance not needed to make iqama of baby . Insurance of parents are valid in the system .. do we need insurance to mke baby iqama kindly reply immediately.


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