CCHI Insurance in Saudi Arabia for Expats

The Council of Cooperative Health Insurance is redesigning the health level of the target audience in private health insurance, ensuring the rights of the insured the health insurance, and giving administrative, supervisory services and upgrading them through computerized implies.

As an insurance holder, you would like to check your CCHI insurance. But before that, you should know about the importance and need for CCHI insurance.

The Kingdom of Saudi has many attractions for all kinds of people. It is the birthplace of Islam, has a tourist attractive landscape, and a land of opportunity for job seekers. People come from different countries with their belongings.

Saudia has become the hub of people of many nations. When they all live together and perform their duties, many changes, and problems come. 


Health issues are one of the big problems Saudi Arabia faces. To overcome this issue, the KSA government announced a policy called CCHI (Council of Cooperative Health Insurance). The basic task of this council is to control the comprehensive health insurance coverage. 


Importance of CCHI

Health insurance is mandatory for a worker who comes from another country for getting work authorization in KSA.

When a foreigner worker starts his job on the basis of a work permit visa, he has to complete some formalities including registering with an approved health insurance provider. Final work permit and iqama issue after health insurance.


The CCHI and MOL (Ministry of Labor) are interlinked with databases. They have made valid health insurance central to the work authorization process.

CCHI monitors all insurance policies and does all inspections at company premises add an extra layer of analysis to the process. They oversee the implementation of the system and do the supervision of insurance companies and service providers.


CCHI made an inspection committee to monitor health insurance services and activities delivered to employees as well as their family members.

In case of failure to implement CCHI’s instructions, the company can face a huge fine and restrictions on future recruitment and sponsorship privileges.


Major Benefits of CCHI

A foreigner goes to another country just to earn money, he can’t afford to spend a lot of money on his health condition.


To solve this issue CCHI gives a feeling of satisfaction to their employees and they work freely.  CCHI offers many benefits to workers such as:

  • Expenses of medical treatment and diagnosis as mentioned in the policy schedule.
  • All expenses of hospitalization including surgeries, pregnancy, and delivery.
  • Cost of infant formula for infants in need of medical care up to the age of 24 months, in accordance with the procedures governing the benefit of infant formula clarified in the Annex (5).
  • Cost of psoriasis treatment
  • It covers early screening for hearing disabilities and critical heart disease for all newborns.


How To Get Schedule of Benefits

CCHI offers a schedule of benefits to the workers of Saudi Arabia. In the eye of CCHI, any foreigner who is working is eligible to apply for CCHI insurance. When they join the benefits policy, they could be able to get health benefits. 


A policyholder can enjoy a lot of benefits under a health insurance plan along with an associated fee. On that list, a policyholder can know which services will be covered after this insurance and which not.

That benefit starts from the first day when a person enters Saudi Arabia. To be a policyholder of this schedule of benefits:

  1. Visit the official site of CCHI, and fill the form.
  2. Fill that form with your basic information Insured name, Code, Policy number, policyholder number, phone number, address, policy type, policy term, and an annual contribution.
  3. After filling these all, press submit.

How To Check CCHI Insurance

If you want to get information about your CCHI insurance, don’t worry.

The process is very simple. You just need to follow the simple steps mentioned below:


Step:1 Go to the site portal by following the link,


Step:2 Go to the main menu and select ” Insurance Information Inquire”.

Step:3 You will see a form of two questions, in the first question you will write about identity/iqama numbers.

In the second box, you will write an image code in the below line. 

Step:3 Click on “OK”


Step:4 After a few seconds, the result of your CCHI insurance will be displayed on your screen.

Health Insurance Policies For Umrah Pilgrims 


The Council of Cooperative Health Insurance (CCHI) has begun implementing medical insurance policies for those going to the state to perform Umrah and multipurpose visits, such as work tourism, and visiting family members. 


The CCHI representative Yasser Al-Maarik stated: “This progression is in accordance with the Realm’s Vision 2030, which incorporates increasing the expectation of health services for guests coming to the two blessed Mosques since the time of their arrival in KSA until their takeoff after performing Umrah ceremonies. 


The medical insurance strategy permits giving emergency medical services, benefits, and advantage of SAR100, 000 per Umrah traveler.” 


Al-Maarik further stated: “The protection strategies for Umrah travelers were set up in participation with the ” Guests of Allah Program” and through qualified medical insurance organizations.

The Board has composed with the approved medical care specialist co-ops with the point of pushing on giving medical services administrations to Umrah travelers, as per the advantages indicated in the medical coverage strategy implied for Umrah pioneers and to present the cases to the insurance agencies, as per the methods continued in accordance with the guidelines.” 


Al-Maarik added: “The Chamber gives request administrations on the mission on medical coverage approaches for those going to the Realm with the end goal of Umrah or visits through the uncommon e-gateway implied for this:” 


He added, they could get to know the protection data utilizing the Wilderness (Fringe) Number implied for the guest. Also, the Board gives a bundle of correspondence diverts to convey (interface?) with the Secretariat General. 


They incorporate the brought together number 920001177; the email [email protected] or the advanced mobile phone application, notwithstanding the web-based media channels (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn) on the official records of the Committee CCHI, KSA.



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