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All the details about iqama application, You can check status, Fees, and Process. you can also download the form for dependents family or newborn baby.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) includes in the largest Muslim nation of the world, having an estimated 31.8 million population as per 2016 statistics. The Saudi community comprises approx. 11.7 million expatriates from other countries.

KSA government has set a statutory body, the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority to provide profitable incentives for foreign investors.

Among the total population, 13.8 million people are employed in the country, which includes 3 million as local nationals. Whereas, 78% of employment belongs to foreigners or expatriates.

With the work opportunity ratio, the Saudi government has a strict rule of Iqama (work or residence permit) for expatriates to serve in the country. Here are some quick solutions to Iqama queries:

Iqama Application Download And How To Fill

iqama application form iqama form download

Iqama Application Check 

Likewise, Visa and passport, Iqama is a necessary legal document to reside in KSA. An Iqama (work permit) is valid for one or two years and officially operational only if the expatriate lives within the country. To check updates about your Iqama, please follow the method shared below:

Step#1: Check Your Iqama Number

An Iqama ID card is white colored with yellow hologram imprints. The Id card contains your picture with the “Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Interior” text and 10-digits Iqama number printed on the bottom center segment or below your image.


Step#2: Browse Official Ministry Of Interior Website

Visit the KSA official website of the Ministry of Interior website at on your website browser.

Step#3: Select Language Mode

On the top left section of the page, change the language mode from Arabic to English.

iqama language

Step#4: Access E-Services

A new page will appear, now on the MoI homepage site, you will see a menu tap bar on the top of the page. Click on the E-Services option to check your iqama application status.

Step#5: Now, select the passport tab from the menu left on the left side of the site page. Click on the Query Iqama Expiry service from the sub-list in the menu bar.


Step#6: Fill the mentioned details in the boxes, including your iqama number, user password, computerized image code and the verification code you receive through an SMS on your mobile phone. So, Finally, Press the View button.


The results of the Iqama validity status will appear on the same page.

If you are opting to check on Absher app, make sure to select an individual’s option to proceed further. The rest of the method remains the same.

Iqama Application For Renewal

Service Description:

The Saudi Government has facilitated the expatriates to renew their Iqamas easily on the Absher app portal, old manual system or from the Ministry of Interior website.

While the expatriates having their Iqama or Muqeem Cards getting expired within three months timespan needs to get a renewal as per Saudi policies. Otherwise, they will be penalized with hefty fines and deportation.

Eligibility Or Criteria:

  • Expatriates must reside in KSA during Iqama renewal.
  • For applying an Iqama, expat passport must be Valid.
  • Expat may apply Single person Iqama with no additional dependent fees if the family resides outside KSA.
  • The insurance fee is included in Iqama fees.

Required Documents:

  • Medical Test if you’re an Asian or African native. The tests must be conducted before the Iqama renewal application. Medical Tests List includes:
  • Stool Test
  • Cholera
  • Blood Test
  • HIV/Aids Test
  • Sight Test
  • After medical Test clearance, expats may submit the Iqama fees and submit the invoice copy with the renewal application.
  • Original Passport
  • Iqama Photocopy
  • Passport size photograph


  • The Kafeel must visit the KSA MoI official website or Absher app portal for Iqama renewal.
  • Log in through the username and password. Select the option “Renew Iqama” for employees or dependents.
  • Submit the invoice of medical tests and bank slips and click proceed.
  • You Iqama will be renewed within two days.

Iqama Application For New Born Baby

Service Description:

Saudi Government has enabled expats to use Absher portal for applying their newborn baby’s Iqama and passport born in KSA.

Eligibility Or Criteria:

  • The baby must be born in Saudi Arabia.
  • Parents must sponsor the baby as Kafeel.

Required Documents:

  • Original and photocopies of baby birth certificate from Hospital and MOI.
  • Parents Iqama and Passport original and photocopies
  • Baby passport and photocopy
  • Appointment invoice printout.


  • Get the baby birth certificate from the hospital.
  • Book an appointment from birth/Death registration department using Absher website. (might take 3-4 weeks).
  • Submit the baby’s birth certificate along with both parent’s Iqama and passport copies. The registration department will issue an Arabic version Birth certificate.
  • Use an Arabic birth certificate to get the baby’s passport from your embassy.
  • Baby’s father (Kafeel) must pay dependents fees from the birth date of the child to the father’s Iqama expiry date.
  • Get Jawazat office appointment using Absher
  • Visit Jawazat office, submit the dependent Iqama application with the required documents mentioned above along with a photo.
  • They will instantly issue baby’s Iqama.

Iqama Application For Dependents Or Wife

Service Description:

The Saudi government has allowed expats to reside in their families with them in the country. So they can apply for their Iqama through the manual system by visiting the Jawazat office only.

Eligibility Or Criteria:

  • The family must be living in KSA with a permanent Visa.
  • If the dependents are older than 18 years, apply for their independent Iqama with fees.

Required Documents:

  • Two Photographs (Each Family member) attested from the Kafeel or employee’s company.
  • Family Passport (original + copies)
  • Family Visa (original + copies)
  • Your/ Kafeel’s Iqama copy.
  • Medical Clearance invoice
  • Family Iqama Filled


  • When your family visits KSA, retake their medical tests from authorized medical centers in your city. In Addition, The condition is a must even if you have had your test in your native country. Certainly, the medical reports will be submitted to the MOI office through an online portal within two days.
  • Collect a family Iqama form from the Jawazat office and get it filled with the help of an agent sitting outside the Jawazat office (charges apply). In addition, download the form from the MoI website and fill it with your Arabic friend’s help.
  • Now Visit the Jawazat office and collect your token number. Upon your turn, submit all the documents along with the family Iqama application form. so, show original papers on the counter for verification. If the process goes well, the Jawazat office will print and issue your family Iqama in hand.

Jawazat Fees For Iqama Application In Saudi Arabia

  • First individual, Muqeem Iqama fees for domestic workers may costs up to 600 Saudi Riyal. (100SR reserved for the work permit and 500SR for Iqama application fee). Hence, Iqama renewal fees for domestic workers is 350 SR in total (100 for Work license and 250 for Iqama processing)
  • For corporate or business people, first, iqama and renewal fees estimate around 650 Saudi Riyal.
  • In addition, Muqeem application processing or Renewal fees for dependents older than 18 years cost about 500 SR.
  • Iqama Fees for wife costs 2000 SR

Iqama Form For Family

form for family download iqama form

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