Iqama Medical Tests Fees, Requirements, Centers in KSA

According to the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, expats arriving in the country must take an iqama medical test. Qualifying the medical test is a mandatory requirement while applying for the Saudi iqama A.K.A. residence permit.

Expatriate medical tests serve the purpose of national health security. In simpler words, let’s say, examining expats medical records helps to protect the Saudi population health on a large scale from any infectious disease that a person may carry with him.

Procedure To Take Iqama Medical Tests

The medical test helps to detect any health condition in newcomers and take measures to stop the infectious disease form the spreading. Expats coming to Saudi must conduct a medical examination from their native country as well as when they land in KSA from approved medical centres.

Here’s the detailed procedure of medical tests and authorized centres from which you can take your medical tests in KSA.

Document Requirements For Iqama Medical

To receive the Saudi Iqama or Residence Permit, an expat must undergo a health screening and pass the medical tests.

As per KSA laws, the newcomers are bound to take the tests upon arrival in the country.

To conduct the medical tests at approve centres, an expat must carry below mentioned legal document requirements with them.

  • Original passport
  • Two passport size photographs having a white background.
  • The expatriates applying for agriculture profession iqama must submit the Schistosoma Test certificates with the Visa application.
  • Sudan Citizens especially, must bring Meningitis Vaccination certificates. In case of unavailability, “Safa Abha Medical Center” partakes this medical facility to check and issue the certificate.


Medical Test An Obligatory Requirement For Natives From Countries

According to Saudi Arabia laws and regulations, the natives from the Asian and medieval countries are bound to take a separate medical test twice. First, in their own countries from the approved clinics abroad before arriving in Saudi. The second follows after arriving in the country.

Here is the list of countries which natives must take a medical test:

  • Sudan
  • Philippines
  • Nepal
  • India
  • Egypt
  • Bangladesh
  • Ethiopia
  • Indonesia
  • Pakistan
  • Sri Lanka

Mandatory Medical Tests Requirement For Saudi Iqama


When an expat arrives in the KSA, the Saudi medical authorities yet again take the medical examination of the newcomers. Here is the list of mandatory medical tests list to qualify for Iqama.

  • Chest X-Ray
  • Urine Examination (Urine Glucose, Urine Protein)
  • Stool Examination
  • Microscopic Examination (Salmonella, Parasites, Shigella, Culture and Blood investigations)
  • Blood Examination (Blood Glucose, Hepatitis B- Surface Antigen, Malaria/ Filaria- blood film, VDRL-qualitative, Anti HCV, HIV 1 and 2)
  • Female Pregnancy Tests
  • Clinical Examination (Extremities, Hernia, psychological Disease, Abdomen Checkup, Blood Pressure Checkup, Vision Checkup- Right and Left Eye, Varicose Veins, Neurological Disease, Derma and Venereal Disease checkup, Chest and Heart Checkup, Hearing Checkup)

Saudi Iqama Medical Tests Fees

The fees for Saudi Iqama Medical Tests defined from Medical commission is 200 Saudi Riyal.

Saudi Iqama Medical Tests For Family Or Dependents

The Saudi Authorized have a legal reform to conduct the medical test for newcomers as well as to renew it annually. Every expatriate has to follow the rules, and the same is the condition for their families.

Every dependent or family member above 18 years old are liable to take individual medical tests. However, For the children, the rules do not apply.

The doctor runs a pediatric checkup typically to measure the weight and height of the kid. No medical test, health screenings or vaccination certificates are required for children further.

6.    Post-Iqama Medical Tests Reports And Screening

Once the medical examination carried out from the Saudi medical commission in authorized health centers. The expats may collect the documentary medical proof within two days.

However, with the growing digitalization, the Saudi health commission uploads the medical test reports on Efada Saudi Arabia and the MOH portal online.

Efada Saudi Arabia is an authority which works similarly like Gulf Approved Medical Centers Association (GCCHMC) to generate medical reports under Gulf Health Council.

7.    Finding The Efada Approved Medical Centers

An expatriate must take the Iqama medical test within the region from where his Kafeel belongs. It is the sole responsibility of the Kafeel to help an expat with acquiring the medical test reports.

After landing in KSA, an expat needs to get examined from Efada certified health centers. There are approx — thousand medical centers in each significant region of Saudi Arabia. Mostly authorize medical centers are located in Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah.

Here is the list of some medical centers located in the cities mentioned above.

Riyadh City

  • King Saud Hospital (Contact # 0112414050, Riyadh district)
  • Alamat Comb OF Mental Health (Contact # 011484548, Riyadh district)
  • ALEHSAA Hospital (Contact #035804680, Riyadh district)
  • King Saud Chest Hospital (Contact # 012414050, Riyadh district)
  • Clinic Alber (Contact # 077340944, Riyadh district)
  • General Hospital Sat Alallayh (Contact # 071630103, Riyadh district)
  • National Guard Health Affairs (Contact # 0118043531, Riyadh district)
  • Medical Maximum Kindergarten Company (Contact # 0114938919, Riyadh district)
  • Hawat Soder Hospital (Contact # 064431311, Riyadh district)
  • Hinakiyah General Hospital (Contact # 048620522, Riyadh district)

Jeddah City

IMC Hospital (Contact # 0126653777, Mecca district)

Fahad (Contact # 0126606111, Mecca district)

King Fahed Armed (Contact # 0126653000, Mecca district)

King Abdulaziz (Contact # 0126375555, Mecca district)

Talal Shah est (Contact # 0126939222, Mecca district)

Abdulaziz (Contact # 0126401000, Mecca district)

KFSH (Contact # 0126677777, Mecca district)

King Abdulaziz Airport (Contact # 0126855931, Mecca district)

Al Thayer (Contact # 0126209559, Mecca district)

CMEBB (Contact # 0126747352, Mecca district)

Dammam City

  • Medical Fitness Center Hospital Prince Sultan Araarha (Contact # 0133280610, Eastern district)
  • Al-ahmadi Medical (Contact # 0138201608, Eastern district)
  • SHIFA ALDMMAM (Contact # 013817606, Eastern district)
  • Security Forces Hospital (Contact # 0118105080, Eastern district)
  • Medical Fitness Center Bmscha Prince Sultan Miljh (Contact # 0137260004, Eastern district)
  • King Fahad Hospital (Contact # 0138431111, Eastern district)
  • Security Hospital (Contact # 0130810506, Eastern district)
  • Saja Medical Services Co (Contact # 01338222525, Eastern district)
  • Dar Afia Medical Co (Contact # 0138050101, Eastern district)
  • Child and Child Hospital Dammam (Contact # 0138426666, Eastern district)

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