Check Kafeel name on Iqama or online portal in KSA

So you want to check Kafeel name and other details related to iqama? first of all Name of your Kafeel is mentioned on your iqama already. as you can see below image.

Sponsor name is your Kafeel:


If you want to check any update in Kafeel name. Or interested to know Address or phone number of Kafeel in KSA. then you need to visit govt portal. But no need to worry We will Explain complete details to check everything step by step.

you can also check procedure in this video

Note: All the details are in English we don’t support any other language till now.

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We are providing this step by step guide to iqama check Kafeel name

These days Kafeels are strict and take advantage of govt policies. In this situation, poor labor and other expatriates are suffering badly.

Now prince Muhammad bin Salman making huge changes in the Saudi system. As they have introduced green card recently But all this provides benefit to rich people, there is no gain for poor expatriates or labor.

Govt policies are 90% in favor of Saudi Nationals. So expatriates are just bearing strict rules and paying high taxes in the form of High Iqama renewal fees and other taxes.

Saudi Govt need immediate actions in favor of expatriates otherwise expats can leave KSA because UAE is more beneficial due to their good and labor-friendly policies.

I have seen many people are leaving KSA and going towards Dubai Kuwait and Bahrain. KSA is only beneficial for doctors, engineers, and big investors because Govt has a lot of benefits for them. 

On the other side, poor labor is totally dependent on Kafeel. 

Kafeels are misusing expats on higher level blackmailing is common usually Kafeel demands high amounts to remove Huroob.

Expat issues with Kafeel for iqama

One of my friends was working for a Kafeel since 2013. He was asking for an increase in salary from last 2 years but the sponsor did not agree. After a lot of discussions, he left his sponsor. 

Now Kafeel has filed Huroob and my friend is totally underground. 

Kafeel is demanding a high amount on name of Huroob removal. My poor friend is unable to bear this high fine fee. 

He has only one option now to go to the police and the police will send him to jail. After few months Govt will send him back to his country with nothing in hand.

So this is the story of almost every 4th or 5th expatriate in KSA. I will advise my readers to stay away and check other better options to work abroad.

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    • I came on re entry visa 2 july 2016 (three month) which expired in september.
      How many years baned will be imposed on me and when i can come on another employment visa or can i come on visit visa…

      Please reponse…

      Thank you.

  1. Hello sir / madam,
    Good day!
    I came on re entry visa on 5th june 2017 (three month) which expired in september.

    How many years baned will be imposed on me and when i can come on another employment visa or can i come on visit visa…

    Please reponse…

    Thank you.

  2. how to check the iqama expiration before very easy to check but now its so difficult on how to check can you give me the easiest way sir thank you

  3. Dear Team,

    I come in Saudi on Job VISA on 18th December, 2019.

    Yet my Iqama in process.

    How to check the visa status then or Iqama Status based on Entry number?

  4. Hi good day it’s my fist working here in KSA but still I dint see my iqama, as far as I I know the sponsor give it to me and my passport but sad they keep it?without my concern,


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