Iqama name change in Saudi Arabia

In case of any mistake by Jawazat department name can be incorrect on your iqama. If it happens then You can’t buy a SIM card to talk with your family and friends and you can’t open a bank account to send money to your country etc.

But this problem can be solved by changing the name on iqama. Your iqama name prints in 2 languages (English, Arabic), and the method is different in both languages. In the next paragraphs, you will know about the name correction process. 

Name Correction In English

For the Iqama name change, you have to be aware of the process. They write your name in English and Arabic and the process of the name change is different in the case of both languages. 

If your name is incorrect in English, so the process of name correction is quite short and simple. You can visit the HR manager or government relations officer of the company and inform them about the name issue. They will verify your name and make it correct via an online process.

Name Correction In Arabic

But If your name is misspelled in the Arabic language, you can face a long process. This is lengthy and not easy to change the name.

Like English, your GRO (Government Relations Officer) can’t change your name online. He will send a request for name correction with some information to Jawazat Center. They will do verification and change your name.

Thousands of people migrate to KSA for work or job every year. They make their passports, get visas, book flights, and go there.

When they reach there, they need to have a legal document to stay in that country named “Iqama”. This piece of paper has your basic information like Name, Date of Birth, Nationality, Sponsor Name, Profession, and other relevant information. 

When you joined a company for a job, their HR department officer fills some paper and apply to the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, KSA. They issue you iqama at a certain time after complete verification.

When your company submits your documents, you have to check them and verify all written information on it to make sure your name on the passport and iqama is the same.  But in some cases, they make mistakes and your name can be wrong on iqama. Then you need to Iqama name change.  

Importance Of Iqama

Your name is the first thing you use to introduce yourself and you show some documents also. Iqama is one of them and that can be more important when you are in KSA and have to prove your identity. You can face some complications if your name is not correct on iqama and different from the passport.

There are many benefits you can individually on the base of iqama such as buying a SIM card, open a bank account and you can travel across KSA.

But if your iqama is not correct, especially in the case of a name, you can’t get these benefits. If you move to western countries you have to submit PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) that issue at the base of iqama. And there are a lot of other things that are connected with iqama.

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  1. I am a Filipina. In the Philippines we have rules to change the last name of the woman into her husband last name when they got married. In which I did when I got married. Then we annulled. So in my ID’s his name was still attached. Then I got married again. So this time my passport got expired so I used my current husband’s last name on my new passport. (After receiving my new passport, I requested from my khafeel to update and change of name in my iqama. (but they didn’t do that time)). Which makes my Iqama and Passport with different names. Then I delivered by baby. In the hospital system it was still my former husband’s last name. In which shouldn’t be. I requested my Khafeel to change the name on my Iqama and they said as per the government it needs 3 months. and I also need 1 month to finish the birth certificate of my Son.

    What is the best thing for me to do? I will really appreciate your help and suggestion. thank you so much in advance.


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