Iqama Lost procedure and Fee in KSA

you can read complete procedure which you need to follow if you have lost iqama. It is a serious matter so kindly read and follow the instructions.

iqama lost fee

According to ministry of interior, If you can report your lost iqama to authorities with first 24 hours there is No FEE or penalty. 

But if you don’t report then first time fee is 1000 Saudi riyals. second time it increases to 2000 Saudi Riyals.

iqama lost in ksa

iqama lost or stolen procedure in ksa

follow this process to avoid any loss

Try to find

Carefully check at every place where there is any chance you can find your iqama. try to remember each and every thing of that time or day when iqama was lost. May be you can have a clue to recover it.

Report to Police and your company

As soon as you confirm that there is no chance to recover iqama. First of all, inform to your company or sponsor. Then call to police station and report it to them.

Keep you documents ready

Now find all the documents mentioned in this list and make them ready. because you need to provide all these documents to your sponsor so he can visit Jawazat department and get another iqama for you.

This is list of documents.

  • Copy of police complaint
  • Passport
  • Receipt of fee for iqama replacement
  • Filled iqama form
  • Appointment of Jawazat department

If you will make all these ready then it will be easy for your sponsor to get new iqama card.

Iqama lost procedure for dependents or family

The procedure is almost same but there are few changes which you can read here.

The first and second steps are same.

but for documents now you need to add dependent or family member passport in above mentioned documents.

Fee policy is same for dependent iqama.

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