Iqama Insurance Check in Saudi Arabia

Health Insurance is essential for the issuance and renewal of Iqama. Health Insurance is compulsory for all foreign residents and their family members living in KSA.

You can visit the CCHI ( Council of Cooperative Health Insurance website) to check your insurance validity online.

Iqama Health Insurance Check through CCHI online portal 

You can check your Health Insurance status on your Iqama on the CCHI website at any time. You just need to follow some easy steps stated below. 


Step:1   Visit the CCHI website “ “.

Step:2 Select the English language if you don’t know Arabic well, then scroll down.


Step:3 Follow the Council of Cooperative Health Insurance > E-Services > Insurance Companies E-Services > Insurance Information Inquire. 

Step:4 Enter your Iqama number and image code and then click on “OK”. 

iqama insurance

Step:5 On the next page, you will see your health insurance policy number, insurance provider name, insurance class details, and insurance issue & expiry date. 


Saudi Arabia commands health inclusion for all foreigners. Indeed, even the individuals who will remain in Saudi Arabia for a short time should buy medical coverage in Saudi Arabia for the term of their stay.

Health insurance in Saudi Arabia is intensely directed, and it is essential to research and analyze plans from private medical coverage in Saudi Arabia to guarantee that the plans are giving all that is obligatory to your visa necessities.


CCHI is trying to minimize the problems and making efforts to centralize everything. The concept is significant where a single identity is enough to get different services.

This is quite a similar type of system in the United Kingdom, where the National Insurance Number is a distinctive identifier. 


The insured bodies don’t need to show off their health care insurance card anymore. The residents can search for their health insurance status online, anywhere at any time. 


The Council of Cooperative Health Insurance has offered support to check your health care coverage or clinical protection in Saudi Arabia by entering your Iqama number or by entering your border number rather than the Iqama number. 

Clinical Protection must be refreshed in MOI health care coverage frameworks. To check your online clinical protection subtleties in MOI systems, you can follow this article “Check Medical Insurance validity through MOI”.

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