New rules for Iqama Renewal in KSA

Saudi Arabian government cabinet has come up with new rules for iqama renewal of work permits beginning from January 20, 2021.

As per the new rules, Iqama and work permits can extend for at least three months.

In the past, it was compulsory to renew an iqama and work permits for at least one year. You also required a fee of one year.

The new rules allow Iqama holders may renew their iqama or visa for a period of less than one year. This could be a minimum of three months. The charges will be incurred under the period.

For example, a renewal of three months of work permit and iqama fees is paid for three months rather than one year.

And obviously, the cost of three months will be lower than one year.
Following the new changes, this rule will do not pertain to home workers or related occupations.

Conditions to follow according to new rules

  • The domestic worker must be located in Saudi Arabia.
  • The domestic worker shouldn’t be reported absent from work.
  • More information is available in the manual for service users.
  • Pay the fee for renewing the residence permit, as well as any penalty for delaying in the event of a delay.
  • Pay for the traffic violation that was recorded on the driver’s license.
  • The domestic worker must have an identity card and fingerprints on the passport system and the family member more than the age of 15.
  • The passport has to be valid at the time of renewal.


New Rules For Iqama Renewal All Steps

  1. Iqama can be renewed for three months
  2. If iqama renews before the expiry date the penalties have to be paid.
  3. The cost for renewal of iqama is payable for 90 days
  4. Domestic workers aren’t able to renew their the iqama every quarter.
  5. Maktab fees may also be paid on the basis of a quarterly basis.
  6. The Iqama fee of 700 Riyals must be paid
  7. Residents must be covered by current health insurance when they apply for renewal of their iqama
  8. If an iqama is in Huroob status, then it won’t be renewed until it’s taken away.

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