Mobily balance check in Saudi Arabia

Mobily is a UAE based telecom company, An official brand of Etihad Etisalat launched in 2004, prestigious the second telecommunications mobile service in KSA.

It is quite easy to check the mobile SIM balance, data, or internet balance by making a call on a mobile helpline, sending a text message, or by dialing the USSD code on your keypad. 

In this article, I am going to discuss all of the easy ways to check your mobile balance in Mobily KSA. I will show you the SMS procedure, calling the helpline and USSD code dialing to check Mobily balance in Saudi Arabia. Here, internet data balance is another important thing to be checked. There are many SMS and internet packages available for prepaid and postpaid users. So, if you activate any of them, you must know how to check the remaining credit. 

1. Mobily balance check through USSD code 

This is the first and easiest way to trace the Mobily balance in Saudi Arabia. To check Mobily balance via USSD code you just need to:

  • Dial *1411#
  • Press the green call button 

The automatic system will check and immediately show your account’s current balance. 


2. Mobily balance check through SMS

The second method to check the Mobily balance is through text messages. To check your Mobily account balance through SMS you just need to:

  • Go to create a message. 
  • Type “1” and send it to 1411. 

After sending the message, you will immediately get a message back containing your balance information. However, it is not confirmed that if charges are applicable or not for this procedure. 


3. Mobily balance check through Mobile Application 

If you are using internet data on your Mobily SIM card, then this method might be more convenient for you. It is quite easy and you will not need to remember the SMS procedure or USSD codes. 

  • Download the Mobily official app from plays tore or the iOS App Store. 
  • Sign up with your Mobily number and go to “Dashboard” to check all the credits you have including the balance, data, SMS, minutes, etc. 


4. Mobily balance check through Call Helpline 

The last and perhaps the most difficult method to check the balance is to call 1100 from your mobile and dial 2. The system will tell you about the remaining credit in your Mobily account. 


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