Zain Internet Packages and Offers

In this article, we will completely discuss Zain internet packages and offers.  Zain is a renowned telecommunication company in the Middle East including Saudia.

Zain was founded in 1983 in Kuwait and launched its services in 2008 in KSA. In its first 4 months got more than 2 million subscribers.

This figure shows its popularity and trust among people. People buy Zain services by calling and internet. 

People love to spend most of their time on the internet. They use social media sites to interact with their family and friends. So, Zain knows its users’ need and introduce amazing offers and packages.

Consequently, this article includes all Zain internet packages. So, if you want to know about the latest internet offer or Zain’s latest internet package, read the following details.

Zain Internet Packages for Prepaid Customers 

There are a lot of internet packages offered by telecommunication companies, but Zain is given the chance to experience the internet package at a very low cost.

That’s why people buy our services and use our fast-speed internet.

Zain offers a lot of internet packages and offers to its users. Zain offers most of the packages for one month to three months. You will see all packages in detail.


The majority of the internet, bundles are for one month and three months. It is because of the data needs of the guest customers and the local individuals. Since the guests come for more than fourteen days to KSA, Zain brings the least expensive data bundles for them consistently.


Zain 50 MB Package SAR 1 50 MBs 1 Day Send D50 To 959 Send CD50 To 959
Zain 500 MB Package SAR 10 500 MBs 1 Week Send D500 To 959 Send CD500 To 959
Zain 1 GB Package SAR 25 1 GB’s 1 Month Send D1000 To 959 Send CD1000 To 959
Zain 2 GB Package SAR 45 2 GB’s 1 Month Send D2000 To 959 Send CD2000 To 959
Zain 5 GB Package SAR 65 5 GB’s 1 Month Send D5000 To 959 Send CD5000 To 959
Zain 10 GB Unlimited Weekend Package SAR 110 10 GB’s 3 Months Send 10 GB For 959 Send C10GB To 959
Zain 50 GB 25 GB Package SAR 199 75 GB’s 3 Months Send 50 GB For 959 Send C50GB To 959
Zain 200 GB and 100 GB Package SAR 299 300 GB’s 3 Months Send 200 GB For 959 Send C200GB To 959
Zain 600 GB Package SAR 549 600 GB’s 6 Months Send 600 GB For 959 Send C600GB To 959

Please read all Terms & Conditions before package activation.

Unlimited Web Bundle At A Low Cost: 

Hence, If you are a Zain user, you can enjoy 4G Web speed, with an entirely moderate web bundle. In any case, Zain offers 2GB, 10 GB, 50 GB, 200 GB, and limitless web groups at a low cost. The above-mentioned table contains details regarding Zain’s Web bundle.

Activation of the Zain Internet package

Zain offers different kinds of packages and its users activate that. For their unlimited internet packages at low cost, you can choose your favorite package. And for activation of that package, you just need to write the package subscription code and send it to 959. Zain company will active your package.

All packages reactivate automatically after expiration. So, if you don’t want to reactivate, you can send a cancelation code and the package will not be reactivated. 

Nonetheless, Zain offers clients a limitless web bundle at a low cost. All things considered, if you are a Zain client, you can enjoy 4G Web speed with an entirely moderate web bundle. Following this, Zain offers 2GB, 10 GB, 50 GB, 200 GB, and limitless web bundles at a reasonable cost.


Zain Internet Packages for Postpaid Customers

Zain offers a couple of attractive data bundles for postpaid clients. Nonetheless, Zain attempts to facilitate more to prepaid clients when contrasted with postpaid clients. Here, you will discover the details for the Zain postpaid web bundles.








4G Data Plan 1 SAR 99 50 GB 1 Month Dial 959     Dial 959
4G Data Plan 2 SAR 160 100 GB 1 Month Dial 959 Dial 959
4G Data Plan 3 SAR 225 150 GB 1 Month Dial 959 Dial 959
4G Data Plan Unlimited  SAR 325 Unlimited 1 Month Dial 959 Dial 959


  • The 5% VAT applies to all the internet packages as mentioned earlier.
  • The postpaid packages are only for one month.
  • If you do not use the data volume within the validity time, it will not be added to your next month’s bucket.

Remaining Balance Check 

400;”>Check the remaining balance by typing “BC” and send it to 959. If you want to know which package you are using currently, send “NR” to 959. To recharge, you need to send “CR” to 959.

Zain services for Hajj and Umrah visitors

Zain is becoming the first choice of every visitor who goes to Saudia to perform Umrah and Hajj. People don’t know how to buy and use Zain SIM. Let me give you detail.

Zain SIM is available only in 30 SAR and you can buy from any nearest mobile shop. When you insert and activate your SIM, you will receive SAR 23.57 initial balance. You can subscribe to any of your desired internet packages.

If you don’t want to enjoy any internet experience the local or international call will cost you 0.55/minute and a local/international SMS will cost you 0.25/SMS.  If you use the internet at a regular price that will cost you 0.50 SAR/MB.

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