Transfer Procedure of iqama, Tanazul or Naqal Kafala

Many expatriates ask me to explain the iqama transfer process or procedure in 2020. So today I am going to share all the details in this article.

A transferable Iqama is one that can be re-assigned from one employer to a new employer. If an expatriate wishes to leave the current employer and join a new one, they have only two options:

  1. So, if they have a Transferrable Work Permit “Iqama”, they can transfer their Iqama from the current employer or Kafeel to the new employer/ Kafeel.
  2. If expat’s Iqama isn’t transferable, they will have to leave the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In this case, the new employer can bring them back to the country and request a new Iqama from the Ministry of Labor.

 Iqama Transfer Procedure or Process


Naqal Kafala Or Tanazul Application Submission From An Expatriate:

Step#01: The expatriate needs to fill an Iqama transfer application form along with the stamp and signature of both the current and new employers.

The employee seeking an opportunity to transfer or change his profession/services/job must attach a passport size photograph with the application form.

Later on, he should visit the labour office under MoL ( Ministry of Labour) to submit the Iqama transfer approval application.


Step#02: Now to proceed the application further, an employee needs to get a hold on a guarantee letter from the current employer for the Naqal Kafala or Tanazul and get it attested from the chamber of Commerce KSA.

The invoice obtained from the chamber of Commerce must be attached with the Tanazul application to declare the employment status like company, individual employee or establishment.

In the case of the Kafeel being an individual, the Tanazul form must possess the police and the district chief (Umdah) attestation.

Naqal Kafala Or Tanazul Application Process From Employer:

Step#03: The expat now requires the new employer to submit a request letter. Also, the new employer must bring a computer chip at the labor office. Which contains official information regarding the number of employees working under his company name.

Step#04: Also, the new employer should bring municipality license or lawful commercial register photocopies. Along with the original document to compare and verify the authenticity.

If the new Kafeel is an individual, he has to bring his family booklet (Daftar Al-Ailah) to acknowledge in the office.


Step#05: Further on, the new employer needs to mandatory fill an undertaking form of the expatriate. The undertaking form refers to the responsibility of the expat under the new Kafeel. His services and employment only reserved for the now current Kafeel and others cannot employ him now.


Step#06: The employee or applicant shall now necessarily bring his valid official passport along with authentic residence and work permit (Iqama).


Step#07: The employee whose switching his job or profession and has applied for Naqal Kafala. Or Tanazul necessarily keeps an activity check on the new employer.


Naqal Kafala Or Tanazul (Iqama transfer) Fees:


Step#08: The fees for Iqama transfer, Tanazul or Naqal Kafala should only be paid once the transfer application gets submitted with the employee concern.

After the confirmation of complete legal documentation submission along with the transfer application, Kafeel should pay the transfer fee.

The transaction holds the status of officially successful and complete only if the specified fee is paid, which includes:

  • 2000 Saudi Riyal for the first time Tanazul or Naqal Kafala.
  • 4000 SR for the second time Tanazul or Naqal Kafala.
  • 6000 SR for the third time Tanazul or Naqal Kafala.


Iqama Verification And Transfer Terms:


Step#09: The expatriate should bring all the previous passports entitling from the date of entrance in Saudi Arabia.

After the verification and according to Al-Nafyawi. The expatriate worker holds the right to transfer their Iqama due to the following reasons:

  • If the current employer falls under the Nitaqat red zone category.
  • If the residence permit (Iqama) renewal gets disapproved for more than one month.
  • In case the employer does not renew the work permit (Iqama) after the expiry of the first period.
  • If the employer is not receiving the salary from the employee for more than three months


It is undoubtful that Naqal Kafala or Tanazul is a challenging task in Saudi Arabia. When an expatriate wants to change his profession or job.

The major obstacle here refers to the employers themselves and later the lengthy, complicated process that Kafeel has to face at Maktab Amal (a department which deals iqama).

Thus, transferring the sponsorship and caucusing your current employer is a bit of a challenging task.

However, this in-depth research article entails a complete Iqama transfer procedure to guide you with every step. If you are lucky enough to please your employer.

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    • I am working in Saudi Arabia my job contract is finished with my current company and they releasing me from job and also issued my exit visa but I want to transfer here in Saudi Arabia with another company without EXIT from KSA.
      So please suggest if there is any labour law change due to COVID-19 which can help me to take Transfer in current scenario.

      Thanks & Regards,
      Shams Tabrez

  1. I have been trying to transfer from a government university job to a private company (which is also offering a university job) for the past 8 months now. The first application got rejected by MOL and now we are trying again. But I only have a few months left before my iqamah expires. My government university KAU, doesn’t seem to know how to make they online request. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. My iqama is expired before three months. But my kafeel color is green. Is it possible for me to be transferred without any permissio?

  3. Hi, Thank you for sharing the details. I have an important query & wondering if you could shed some light. Do you know if Manpower solution companies have different rules to follow as opposed to private companies for Naqal kafala. In my case i’m on sponsorship of one such company and working with Company ABC (example) and want to switch over to Company XYZ. However, as per my sponsor they can only release me over to current beneficiary (which is company ABC) and then i will have to initiate second transfer in order to join company XYZ.

    My current beneficiary company doesn’t have any objection for my move but we both are looking for simple solution (that would be to get a direct release from my sponsor – a manpower solution company). Do you know if they are right in their explanation for being unable to give me a direct release to company XYZ because they’re citing labour office rules in this regard.

    Hope you’d share some insights. Thank you

  4. Hai, Good Day. I am a employee working in government sector hospital. Since 2011. Recently I changed my job government sector to private hospital Riyadh to Alhasa. Transfer of Iquama sponsorship process taking time. My previous Hospital in Riyadh they are forcing me finish the process as soon as possible. They given me release letter and permission letter also. In the labour office they are delaying the process. Any one can suggest and help me in this process. All permission and no objections from previous hospital and present hospital they need me. In the labour office they are delaying it’s more than 3 months finished. Please any one can help this situation.

  5. Some companies cannot release workers…
    ….my company denied me either exit or vacation and couldn’t with stand the situation at work and they suspended me up to date…if I tell the HR about getting another job as I am not interested more in their


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