How to Pay iqama Renewal Fee Online [New Method]

Today I will share a step-by-step guide to pay iqama renewal fee online from your bank account. It will be a simple, authentic procedure that will help you pay all kinds of iqama-related fees online.

So first we will see how we can pay the renewal fee with Al-Rajhi Bank. For this purpose, we will be using Al-Rajhi bank App which you can download from Play Store or Apple Store.

First, you need to Signup into that app and add your Bank account which is a simple process.

Then Just open the app and follow this step-by-step Easy Guide.

Pay iqama Renewal Fee Online with Al Rajhi Bank App

  1. In the below-Given Menu click on Payments.
  2. Then Click on Government Payments.


pay iqama fee online

  • Click On “Alien Control”.

Here you can see all the options related to the iqama fee You can pay all these fees with help of this App.

But here, to pay iqama renewal fee we will select “Renew Iqamah”

  • Now Click on “Payment”
  • Then Write iqama ID.
  • Select Iqama duration

Now there is an important point when you will select “Iqama Duration” You can choose Months like 3,6,9,12, or as many months as you want. Now it’s a new policy that you can choose months according to your desire and affordability.

iqama fee paymentiqama fee months













  • As You Can See I have selected 12 Months,

  • If you have added multiple bank accounts in Al-Rajhi Bank App then here you need to select the account which you want to use for this payment.

iqama fee accounts

  • Now You can review all the details So read this carefully, I will recommend it to confirm these details twice. You can also see Iqama Fee here which is show 600SAR for 12 months.

After review click on “Pay” and You will see this kind of screen and details.

I will highly recommend saving these details for further use In case “Maktab Amal” or “Kafeel” ask you for proof so You can show them these details.

On the below side, there is also a button to save this in the gallery as an image or in PDF format so use any of them to save this receipt.

Now You will have this kind of receipt in your gallery or in PDF. Keep it safe always.


Pay with Al Ahli Bank App

As we did Above the method is similar for SNB bank Just download app from Play Store or Apple store. Add your account in the App.

Then Click on “Options” and Select “SADAD”.

Now Select “Government Payments”.

Then Select “Alien Control”

Now click on “Renew iqama”

Here you need to write your iqama number and then select the time 3 months 6 months or 12 months.

Then You will see all the details and iqama Fee according to your select time period.

Now click on confirm and It will get paid.



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