Dependent fees of Iqama in Saudi Arabia

KSA government is severe with migration and work strategy, especially on account of expats. Before a non-Saudi person may work in KSA, the applicant requires local support. This is a local employer that will apply and ensure the essential work license and residency card (Iqama), for the worker to work and remain in the nation.


The expat might be employed for just a fixed-term relating to the length of their work license. In the private area, the legitimacy of the work license is presently restricted to one year, with the requirement for the renewal from that point.

Saudi law makes the employer liable for all charges related to the work license and Iqama of an expat worker. The employer additionally needs to bring home ticket charges if the employee stops working with the organization.


As of June 2017, KSA established another duty for foreign occupants. The law doesn’t characterize who should pay this expense. This implies it is up to the employer on the off chance that they will take care of the expense. Since January 2018, the foreign employee demand remains at SAR 400 every month for each foreign laborer. This will increment to SAR 600 out of 2019 and SAR 800 every 2020 for organizations that employ a greater part of far-off nationals. 

Expat dependent fees

Iqama is the residence permit to live and work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Iqama requires to renew every year, so you have to make certain payments for it. Furthermore, foreign laborers with families are additionally required to pay a levy for every member upon renewing. This depends on the accompanying rates: 


July 1, 2017: SAR 100 every month, per subordinate 


July 1, 2018: SAR 200 every month, per subordinate 


July 1, 2019: SAR 300 every month, per subordinate 


July 1, 2020: SAR 400 every month, per subordinate 

All foreign residents in KSA who are sponsoring dependents will have to pay a monthly levy of SR 400 per dependent. The presentation of these fees has just observed outcomes. In excess of 94,000 foreign laborers left Saudi Arabia in the second from last quarter of 2017, albeit most are not from proficient organizations that will, in general, assimilate the foreigner and wards’ toll.

Iqama Expiry Penalty

If your Iqama expires, you have to pay an extra amount as a fine. You’ll pay SR500 for the first time and SR1000 for the second time on the expiry or late renewal on your Iqama.


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