Wazarat Amal Iqama Expiry Check without Absher using MOL

It is an exact and easy method to check the iqama expiry date with Wazarat Amal or MOL Portal. The good thing is, that this Portal is accessible from outside of Saudi Arabia So if Expatriates are on vacation they can still check iqama with the Ministry of Labour MOL Portal.

This method is easy and simple as compared to Absher because there is no need for registrations and you can use it worldwide.

Note: There is no app available for this method you can only use a web browser in this procedure.

Now, let’s start our easy procedure.

Iqama Expiry check without Absher using Wazarat Amal or MOL

  1. First, go to This MOL inquiry service Link 
  2. If you are not aware of Arabic then change the Language to English from Above Menu.

Wazarat Amal Language change

Now Fill the Given Form Step by step.

  1. In the first field enter the Iqama number or Border number.
  2. In the second field write your date of birth. kindly click on Gregorian to convert it to English date format It will be easy for you as an expatriate.
  3. The third field is Captcha image so enter the image code and click the next button.

See this image for details:

Iqama Expiry Check without Absher


See the below image for the date conversion method from the Hijri calendar to the Gregorian calendar.

convert iqama date wazarat amal portal

All done. Now you can see all the details including the Iqama Expiry date in Wazarat Amal along with many other details about expatriates. As shown in this image.

iqama expiry wazarat amal

You can check the following details in this section:

  • Iqama expiry date
  • Nationality of iqama holder
  • Gender
  • Validity of Iqama
  • Mobile Number
  • Username
  • First name
  • Last name

Important Note: It is easy to check validity status without Absher with the help of Wazarat Amal. But you cannot see many other details here. To check everything about expatriates or iqama we recommend Absher Portal or app You can check Absher iqama Method here.

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  1. what will happen if the sponsor will exit the iqama before the expiration but the person wants to stay for 1 month in saudi arabia..

  2. Good day sir I have problem with my Iqama some one use it with any mobile number when I check it online like Zain Virgen mobile and STC the worst thing is they use it for post paid in STC and there is a bill around 7400sr do I obliged to pay for it or should I make complain about thise matter please help me.


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