Public query available funds in iqama

Step by step procedure to check public query available funds. Do you have available funds or balances in the Iqama account? Want to check them or want a Refund?

We are going to explain the complete procedure to solve all these issues in KSA. So Stay here and read carefully. Usually, it happens that when you submit an extra amount in Iqama account for any task like a License fee or any other fee.

It adds in your balance after deducting the actual fee. It also happens that sometimes when You Violate any traffic rule, then your Fine also deducts from iqama Balance. But if you have Extra funds available you can get it back.

Now let’s discuss the procedure to check Funds and Get Refund.

How to check Iqama balance or public query available funds?

First of all, you need to visit Absher website to check status:

visit it here

Here you need to click on “Public query available funds”.

iqama funds

Now Write your iqama number in “identity number” field after it, write captcha code in below field and click on the View button.


public query available funds

Here you can check all the details of available funds. All the amiunts will show in Saudi Riyals.

Category of submisson also mentioned that for what purpose these funds were deposited.

Like if you have submitted any funds for passport it will show your balance in passport deposits category. If you have submitted funds for Labour works it will show in “Labour Deposit” Category.

Below you can see it is showing total public query available funds.



Now you have seen all of your balance or available funds Lets discuss the procedure to get a refund From Govt. for this purpose you need to apply by filling a form, Details are given below.

How to get refund available funds?

Ministry of interior KSA provides this facility to get your available balance back if you have changed your mind and don’t want to continue the task for which you have submitted these iqama funds.

But you can apply to get a refund only when funds are showing in your balance. If you apply late and funds deducted for that purpose, then you cannot get them back. So I will suggest applying as soon as possible if you want a refund.

Step by step procedure to request for refund of public query available funds.

  1. For this inquiry, you need to visit the online portal of your bank and login in to your account.
  2. After Login, You need to choose the MOI or Saddad option from available options.
  3. Now you can click to go to MOI payments option.
  4. Now here click on the drop-down menu and click on “Alien Control.”
  5. As you have seen categories of deposit in the above photo so here, you need to select the category in which your funds are available. For example, if you have submitted funds for Visa extension, then choose this option.
  6. Now select the checkbox where refund option available.
  7. You can click on the submit button now.
  8. Now enter your iqama number.
  9. Click the inquiry option here.
  10. Confirm the request.
  11. Now you can see the notice that your amount will be refunded within three days.

What is the validity of available balance under iqama?

There is no Expiry of these funds, but they can deduct automatically against your queries.

Do you still have confusion?

Check this video for more details

YouTube video

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