iqama transfer check, Fee, Status, Rules, Process [Naqal Kafala]

Today we will discuss iqama transfer checking procedure and all other details like its fee, rules, status. It also Called Naqal Kafala in KSA.

As we know After new rules and regulations almost all the expatriates worried. Because Govt has taken every kind of freedom from Expatriates and we are totally in the hands of Saudi Citizens or Companies.

So in this situation, many people want to transfer iqama. Usually, people do it for the sake of a good opportunity in any other company.

Expatriates living in Saudi Arabia mandatory requires a legal work and residence permit known as Iqama. To receive the legal documentation “Iqama”, expats must need a sponsor / Kafeel beforehand staying at KSA.

An employer/ Kafeel applies and ensures the work permit (Iqama) from MoL (Ministry of Labor) to obtain his employee’s legal work and residence status in Saudi Arabia.

What Is Iqama Transfer?

Expats residing in Saudi Arabia require a work permit “Iqama” to serve an employer or company.

In case the employee seeks new work opportunities, they first need to change their current Kafeel and get Iqama transferred under a new employer/sponsor.  To Transfer the Iqama, here are two options to follow:

  • If the expat has Transferable Iqama, they can quickly get it transferred or registered from the previous employer to a new one.
  • If the Iqama is untransferable, the employee must leave KSA. The new employer/ Kafeel then have to apply for a new work permit (Iqama) from the MOI (Ministry of Labor) to bring back his employee to KSA.

Method To Check “Iqama Transfer Status”


After achieving or transferring the legal work permit (Iqama), employees must acquire knowledge about the status and the name of their new sponsor/ Kafeel.

The transfer process In KSA gets completed in two phases including;

  • Initially at the labor office under the supervision of KSA MoL (Ministry of Labor).
  • Lastly, it proceeds at the Jawazat office under the supervision of KSA MoI (Ministry of Interior).

Now that, if you wish to check the Transfer status and your new Kafeel name according to MoI (Ministry of Labor) computer records. Begin with accessing the MOL website to acquire information about the application number, sponsor name, and transfer date. Follow this tutorial to check your Iqama transfer Status online:

 Visit the official MOL (Ministry of Labor) website by click on this link The site is available only in the Arabic version, so please follow the instruction carefully.

Select the Naqal Kafala option using the drop-down menu. The option is placed on the 4th position of the list, as shown in the picture below:

iqama transfer

As the New page appears, select the second radio option and leave the first one. Tn enter your Iqama number in the second text box and re-enter the image code in the text box. On the page’s downright, press the right option to proceed.

transfer process

After the information submission, a one-liner message will appear at the bottom of the form. The current sponsor name will appear in brackets () as shown below:


transfer fee

Once your Transfer request is successfully accepted, you may witness other results. The results below the page may appear like in the picture below. You will find your iqama transfer date, new sponsor name and application number. The transfer date is presented in Hijri format.

Read this article to convert the date

Iqama Transfer Fee

Jawazat caters several services in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, including Iqama Service Fees, Profession Change Fees, Family Extension Fees, Transfer Fees, etc. The most common concern expats endure is regarding Kafeel Transfer Fees. Here are is the list of Jawazat Iqama Services Fee:

Iqama services Fee In KSA

  • The Domestic Worker’s first Muqeem Fees estimates up to 600 Saudi Riyals and Iqama renewal fees cost around 350 SR.
  • Employees who work for businesses get their first Iqama and renewal fees charged in a total of 650 SR.
  • Muqeem Insurance and renewal fees for individuals above 18 years costs approx. 500 SR.

Kafeel Transfer Fee In KSA

According to the Saudi labor constitution article 40 (3), overall responsibility and transfer fees of an employee’s Iqama lies on the shoulder of the new Kafeel.

  • The new Kafeel have to pay 2000 SR for the first time.
  • Later on, 4000 SR for the second new Kafeel.
  • For the third time, its 6000 SR.

Naqal Kafala In Arabic

Saudi Arabia is heaven for freshers to try their luck in search of employment. New or experienced, KSA has an opportunity for every expatriate or native sponsored from a Kafeel.

However, changing your profession or transferring the Iqama (Naqal Kafala), especially in companies, is a challenging job in KSA.

Naqal Kafala is an Arabic term which means “Kafeel transfer, profession change or Tanazul in case of company employment Visa”.

However, if an employee seeks for Tanazul or Naqal Kafala on company Visa. Here are two ways to follow:

  • Make a final exit and visit KSA with a new Visa or Iqama.
  • Ask your current employer to transfer your sponsorship to another company if the other party agrees. It is usually rare because Iqama transferring is a lengthy and challenging process.

Rules Of Iqama Transfer Based On Nitaqat Colors

Nitaqat is a Saudization national scheme formed under the official Law System Of the Kingdom OF Saudi Arabia. It was implemented in 2011 by the MoL (ministry of Labor). Nitaqat categories consist of 4 colors including RED, Yellow, Green and Excellent /Platinum which indicates your Iqama status. According to Nitaqat colors, an expat can apply to transfer their Iqama from one company to another company or current employer to a new employer under specific rules and regulations.

The current employer or company here means the person you are still working for. Whereas, the new employer refers to the person you want to sponsor your Iqama again. Here are some rules for Naqal Kafala or Tanazul.

If The Current Employer Have “Platinum Or Excellent” Nitaqat Color And New Employer Nitaqat Status Is:

  • Excellent Or Platinum: “Current employer approval” is the condition for transfer.
  • Green: Two conditions to follow for Iqama Transfer including:
  • The employee must have current employer approval for Transfer.
  • At least two years of experience is required with a current employer to transfer Iqama to the new employer.
  • Yellow Or Red: Not allowed to Transfer Iqama
  • Less Than 9 Employees: Employee need approval from current employer and must have to complete two years with the current employer to transfer Iqama later

If The Current Employer Have “Green” Nitaqat Color And New Employer Nitaqat Status Is:

  • Excellent Or Platinum: Employee needs approval from current employer considering Nitaqat categories.
  • Green: Employee needs permission from current employer and at least to have two years’ experience with him.
  • Yellow Or Red: Transfer not allowed in any case.
  • Less Than 9 Employees: Current employer approval and two years of experience of working with hi is necessary for proceeding Iqama transfer.

If The Current Employer Have “Yellow” Nitaqat Color And New Employer Nitaqat Status Is:

  • Excellent Or Green: Transfer based on the following two conditions.
  • If the employee had lived in KSA for more than six-year, current employer approval or permission is not required.
  • Yellow Or Red: The Transfer procedure is not possible.
  • if the employee lives in KSA for less than six years then he needs it to get approval.
  • Less Than 9 Employees: Current employer approval is needed along with at least two years of work experience in his company.

If The Current Employer Have “Red” Nitaqat Color And New Employer Nitaqat Status Is:

  • Excellent Or Green: Work Permit needs to be expired for Iqama Transfer.
  • Yellow Or Red: Iqama Transfer strictly not allowed.
  • Less Than 9 Employees: Current employer approval is necessary.


We understand being an expatriate in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia might become a tough challenge in terms of achieving residency and work permits.

What makes it more difficult is understanding and applying for the Iqama transfer application especially when you are unaware of the Arabic Language.

However, we hope our well-researched article with screenshots will put forward swift solutions to your queries in real-time.

For more information about common expats queries arising in the busy life of Saudi Arabia, keep following our blog!

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