Iqama Mukhalfa Check in Saudi Arabia

There are very strict rules regarding the iqama system in Saudi Arabia. It includes penalties and punishments for violating the important rules. Especially, for expatriates, it is essential to read these rules and understand the rules to obey the laws. As KSA stress following the rules strictly, they are very keen on the traffic rules … Read more

Iqama Lost procedure and Fee in KSA

you can read complete procedure which you need to follow if you have lost iqama. It is a serious matter so kindly read and follow the instructions. iqama lost fee According to ministry of interior, If you can report your lost iqama to authorities with first 24 hours there is No FEE or penalty.  But … Read more

How to check iqama bill for STC Mobily or electricity in KSA

While living in Saudi Arabia as a foreigner, checking your Iqama bill may be among your top priorities. In case of late bill payment, it may cause many troubles for you. So it is necessary to check and make your bill payments in time. Thus, here are the methods that will help you to view … Read more

Check Fine on Iqama in Saudi Arabia

iqama fine

Now you can check all traffic violation Fine on Iqama within few minutes with the help of this complete guide. In Saudi Arabia, Rules are stringent, and whenever you violate any traffic rule, their automatic systems add Fine in your account, which shows with the help of your iqama. I have seen usually drivers are … Read more

Iqama Grama Check in KSA [Easy for Expats]

iqama grama

Living in KSA for expatriates is not an easy task, especially since having less knowledge of iqama fines can cause you many hurdles. Minute mistakes lead foreigners to pay heavy fines also known as Mukhalfa or grama in the Arabic language. While living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, underestimating rules’ strictness may cause you … Read more