How to check iqama bill for STC Mobily or electricity in KSA

While living in Saudi Arabia as a foreigner, checking your Iqama bill may be among your top priorities. In case of late bill payment, it may cause many troubles for you. So it is necessary to check and make your bill payments in time. Thus, here are the methods that will help you to view and pay your Iqama bill with ease of usage. 

STC Pay 

STC Pay is a safe and advanced wallet that enables a huge number of clients to take full control and deal with their accounts anytime, from any place. It empowers sending, getting, and overseeing cash via a simple mobile application. With STC pay, you can legitimately settle your STC charges effectively and safely. 

How to check Iqama bills using STC pay? 

Step:1 Download STC Pay application on your mobile. 

Step:2 If you are already an STC client, you can easily register with your mobile number. 

Step:3 If you are not an STC client verify your Iqama number with Absher. 

Step:4 Fill in the Client Information Form.

Step:5 Add credit to your account. 

Step:6 Click on “STC Bills” / Sawa Recharge. 

Step:7  If the number is authorized by your name, your bill will appear simpler. Otherwise, select “ Pay Other Bill”. 

Step:8 Enter the account number. 

Step:9 Select the amount you want to pay by clicking the “Change Amount” option or click “Pay” to make a full payment.  



With the Mobily application, you can manage all Mobily products at your hand. It allows you to deal with your online payments in a simple and easy way. 


How to check the Iqama bill using mobily?

It is quite easy to check your Iqama bills through Mobily. You just need to follow the steps stated below:

Step:1 Go to the Mobily website or download the mobile application. 

Step: 2 Click on “Previous Overdue Bills”. 

Step:3 Enter the Iqama number and contact number. 

Step:4 Varify the “reCAPTCHA” 

Step:5 Click on “Submit”

After submitting the form, you will be redirected to your bill information. 



Saudi Electricity Company is a convenient option to provide you the best level of online bill payment services with ease of use. The bill payment service through electricity is effective that will spare your time and exertion. Consequently, you may decide to pay by any of the accompanying strategies for installment. Electricity enables you to make your bill payments via multiple methods including:


1.Credit Cards 

2.Phone Banking 




6.Bank Authorization 

7.Point Of Sale

How to check electricity bill online? 

You can pay your electricity bill online by following the given steps.

Step:1 Go to the “”  official website.

Step:2 Register your account by entering the Iqama number.

Step:3 To Login, enter your username and password.

Step:4  On the home page, go to the “Electricity Bill”.

Step: 5 Select the desired account to check the bill.

Step:5 Now you can view and print your bill, you can also make the payment online.





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