What does it mean by Yellow Iqama color?

When you move to KSA and join any Saudi company, you need to have a legal document Iqama. When you get Iqama from the HR office and start your job, you need to know about your iqama status in detail.

In the case of Iqama, one thing is essential and that is Iqama’s color or Nitaqat status of your sponsor, company, or Kafeel. 

There are four main color categories of Iqama (Red, Green, Yellow, and Platinum). This color standard was fixed by the Saudi Government. Color check policy of saudization implemented in 2011 by KSA. 

MOL (Ministry of Labor) gives an online facility to check that Iqama’s status. Anyone who has Iqama and wants to know has access to check that.

And that is mandatory for everyone to check iqama’s color because you get to know about your company or institute reputation.

These colors explain the level of your company might that is on high or on average position. This helps to make a good decision about the job. You can leave your company and can join another. 


Iqama Colors

When you will go to check on the MOL website, iqama status can come in 4 colors and that explains the status. Next, you will know about all colors.


Red Color

If you check and the result comes in red color that means your company is in the worst position. Your company has only 4% of local workers and doesn’t follow Saudization policy. The Saudi government doesn’t provide facilities for this company. They can’t get new visas or renewal old visas. You have a right to change your company.


Green Color

MOL divided green color into three more categories high, medium, and low green. If the result shows in high green mean it’s OK and you don’t need to worry about your iqama. If you see a result in medium or low green then just OK and in case of any violation, the color can be yellow. 


Platinum Color

Platinum is an ideal category for overseas means this company meets all requirements of the company and follow all policies. Workers get all facilities and they can continue their jobs without any problem.


Yellow Color

But in the end, your result displays in yellow color that indicates the danger. Your company has 93% of foreigners and only 7% of locals. If they hire more Saudi nationals and follow all government policies then that issue will be solved. If their employees want to transform their sponsors so the company has no right to stop them. Workers have the right to change the company.



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