Transfer Iqama without Kafeel approval or permission

here we have explained step by step procedure to transfer iqama without kafeel permission. If an expatriate is in compliance with any of these conditions and his contract with current Kafeel is completed then he is able to change his Iqama sponsorship without sponsors’ approval or consent.

transferring Iqama without the permission of the Kafeel

First part

The sponsor must be part of the category Red Nitaqat. It is recommended to check the Nitaqat category on Kafeel

If Kafeel isn’t able to provide Iqama the employee within three months of his appointment.

The sponsorship can be transferred within 3 days of Iqama expiry and the labor card expiration. Recommended: Check Iqama Expiry Date

If you haven’t been paid a salary for more than three months, you are covered under the Wage Protection System.

Approval part

After the expiration of the contract for employment.

If there was an order by the court in for the foreigner, it will permit him to move his sponsored. Before concluding the contract, If

Twelve months have passed since the employee’s entry into KSA.

The employee gives 3 months’ notice in order to change jobs.

The contract is terminated in accordance with Article 77.

Iqama transfer without the permission of the sponsor

Iqama transfer procedure for domestic workers

Domestic workers can bring a claim in the office of labor against the employer under the following conditions and receive an Iqama sponsor transferred to a different Kafeel sponsor without Kafeel’s prior consent.

  1. Salary is not paid for three months.
  2. If the employer doesn’t collect the worker from the airport on the first flight.
  3. You are able to transfer the sponsorship within one month after Iqama expiry.
  4. The service of the worker is provided to another individual without their consent.
  5. The worker’s health and safety.
  6. Physical abuse of household workers.
  7. A fake Huroob case that was issued with the company.
  8. If the employer fails to participate in the legal proceedings in an employee’s case twice in two consecutive days.

How do I Transfer Iqama without Kafeel’s consent?

If you fulfill any requirement in the conditions 1,2,3,4, as explained above, the procedure to transfer sponsorship without Kafeel’s consent is extremely simple.

The new Kafeel will allow employees to submit a transfer request.

It will then be approved from the Ministry of Labor on the same day (it won’t be sent to the previous Kafeel for approval).

You can verify your Iqama transfer status through the MOL.

Once the request has been accepted after the request is accepted MOL Pay the Iqama sponsorship fee for transfer.

Verify for the Iqama transfer status In Absher.

When the new employer is visible in Absher go to any Jawazat centre in order to get your Iqama printed.

If the online process doesn’t turn out to your advantage Your new sponsor should go to the Labor office to finish the transfer process sponsorship, without Kafeel’s prior approval.


Iqama Transfer in accordance with the court’s ruling

If you meet the conditions 5,6,7 and 8 mentioned above in the above paragraph, the Iqama transfer can be made without Kafeel’s permission if there’s a ruling from the court to the benefit of an foreigner. To make that happen.

New Kafeel New Kafeel will visit the labor office with the necessary documents.

It is the Maktab Amal officer will review the court decision alongside other documents and will transfer the Iqama endorsement of the employee to MOL.

You can find your Iqama transfer status through the MOL.

Make sure you pay your Iqama cost for sponsorship transfers.

Find out to see the Iqama transfer status within Absher.

Visit your local Jawazat centre to get your printed Iqama.

Required Documents

Iqama is the name of the expatriate worker.

Passport copies of the employee who is expatriate.

The decision of the court.

An official request from the brand new Kafeel which has been authenticated by Chamber of Commerce explaining the reasons for the transfer of its sponsorship with out the approval of the prior Kafeel.

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  1. Indeed. A great info.
    Actually my previous employer file a hurrob Absent of Work against me at the last day of my iqama validity, although I completed the employment contract last February 9, 2022. They rejected a transfer request thru QIWA twice.

    On April 27, 2022 old employer cancelled the huroob under their condition that I have to buy a ticket, renew the iqama and go exit to Philippines.

    Now it took a lot stress I bought a ticket schedule May 7 2022 in their mandate that I should leave. However car loan in al rajhi is not clear due to eid holidays right now.

    Please share advises, really helps.


  2. I have no any contract with my kafeel on my new kafeel has sent request for transfer but old kafeel is no accepting iqama is about to finish after 2 months.what is the next procedure now.


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