How many sims registered on my iqama? check now

So you are looking for the number of sims registered on your iqama in KSA? Don’t worry, we have described step by step procedure to check sims on iqama.

There are three methods

  • With mobile number
  • CITC portal
  • Without mobile number

The easiest method to check sims on iqama is with a mobile number. Just follow these easy steps and you are good to go.

1: check how many Sims registered on iqama with mobile number

  1. got to this web address of communications and information technology comission CITC portal
  2. Change the language Arabic to English from the above menu. You can keep the Arabic language if you can understand it.
  3. Now write iqama id, mobile number, date of birth, and captcha code in the same way as I have mentioned in the bellow image.
  4. Now Click on the search button and you can see list of mobile numbers on your name.

how many sims on my iqama

2: Check registered sim card number with CITC portal

For this purpose you need to register on CITC portal at this link. You can login if already have an account. After registration just login in your CITC account and follow these steps.

  1. Here you need to select your id type, you can select iqama number if you are an expatriate. you can select border number if you are a visitor. Visitors can also select passport id.
  2. After selection write that id with expiry date.
  3. Here you need to input one mobile number which you are using.
  4. Now you can see all the sims registered on your name.
  5. you can also cancel registered Sims by using this portal or by contacting to customer care of telecom company.

3: Check Sims without mobile Number

This process is a bit similar to first one, Just visit this portal and fill all the details as I described in 1st method. In the end check the box “I don’t have a mobile number”. I have also mentoned it in bellow image.

sims iqama


You can see registered sims of all telecom company networks by following above methods including including data sims.

  • Mobily
  • sawa
  • STC
  • Zain

Check sims without internet and CITC

You can check it with help of your mobile by sending and SMS. We are writing details bellow.

  • if you are SAWA user write 9988 and send it to 900.
  • if you are mobily user send blank sms to 616166
  • Zain users can send a blank sms to 700123
  • STC users can also send and sms by writing 9988 to 900.


How many sims allowed on one iqama?

Usually there are 2 sims allowed on one iqama but it can vary case by case we have written a detailed article on this topic you can read it here.

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