Jummah Prayer time in Dammam

Jummah prayer time in Dammam is 12:06 PM. Time is same in all mosques of Dammam for Jummah Prayer. This time is aligned with Duhr prayer We can say that on Friday all the Mosques Pray Jummah Salah instead of duhr. It is a rule in all over Saudi Arabia that prayer time is exactly … Read more

Iqama Lost procedure and Fee in KSA

you can read complete procedure which you need to follow if you have lost iqama. It is a serious matter so kindly read and follow the instructions. iqama lost fee According to ministry of interior, If you can report your lost iqama to authorities with first 24 hours there is No FEE or penalty.  But … Read more

Absher Account Registration in KSA [APP, Login, MOI]


Today we are going to share an easy method for Absher registration, password reset, login, MOI, and many other things in KSA. In the tech-orientated world, different nation’s governments are looking for effective and smart solutions to centrally alert the citizens about their new policies, new laws, rules implementation, and so on. In the digital … Read more

What is Jawazat – Complete details For Expats in KSA

While you are going to Saudi Arabia as a newbie, it will be the second new Arabic word you will hear after Iqama. I believe that many of us still don’t know what Jawazat is? And what is Jawazat for? And why is Jawazat important?  We are here to help you in this regard. We … Read more

Traffic Violation Check in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi government is immensely strict when it comes to traffic rules and laws. There is no concession for you if you found violating the traffic laws and you will have to pay a handsome amount in the form of a penalty. In this article, we will discuss traffic violations and how to check the … Read more