Check Iqama Renewal Update Procedure, Status, Fee, Rules

Are you looking for iqama renewal or update procedure in KSA? We have covered all the issues related to this process in this guide I hope after reading this all the process will be easy for you. I request you to ask in comments if you have any specific question.

Now it is possible to renew your iqama online with the new portal. It is advised that you should renew your iqama in advance, before 3 days of expiry. Otherwise, there will be extra charges or penalties Fine, which can create a lot of trouble for you.

renew my iqama

The procedure of Iqama renewal or update 2020:

Consult your company IT person or HR Officer:

If you want to renew iqama it is best practice to contact your company HR officer or any other related person they can help you in all this procedure.

Medical Test: 

If you belong to an Asian or African country you need to pass a medical test before iqama renewal. This is a list of medical tests which you need to clear.

  • Hiv/Aids test
  • sight test
  • cholera
  • blood test
  • stool

After your tests cleared you can submit Iqama fee online with E-banking system or through your bank branch.

Now you can use an online portal for iqama Renewal request. Check this video for online request.

YouTube video

After applying new iqama will be hand over to you within a few days. It is your responsibility to submit a copy of new iqama in your office and bank so that you can become safe from any trouble.

you can also visit following MOI website for Renew procedure But I will recommend doing renew process with Absher website or app: this is a link of MOI website

iqama renewal process

Iqama Renewal Fees updated 2020

you need to pay the following amount as fee charges.

If your Company has more than 50% Saudi Nationals as employees then your Fees will be the following:

Iqama feeWork Permit FeesAverage insuranceTotal Fee
750 Saudi Riyal6000 Saudi Riyal450 Saudi Riyal7200 Saudi Riyal

If your Company has more than 50% Expatriates as employees then your Fees will be the following:

Iqama feeWork Permit FeesAverage insuranceTotal Fee
750 Saudi Riyal7200 Saudi Riyal450 Saudi Riyal8400 Saudi Riyal

Important Rules and instructions for iqama update

  • You don’t need much documents for this process only medical test and fee slips required because of most of the system online now.
  • Iqama process if same now for Engineers, Doctors, labor, technician, Driver, nurse or any other occupation.
  • It is necessary for expatriates to stay in KSA during the renewal process.
  • you cannot apply if your passport is expired, try to get a new passport before expiry.
  • Don’t need to pay expenses of the family if your family has left KSA or living outside now. You can apply for single person iqama. No need to pay dependent fees.
  • The process is the same for dependents but the fee can increase in case of a family or dependents.
  • If you want to keep your wife in KSA only dependents fee applies.
  • Insurance fee is now included in total cost.
  • It is necessary to keep your Kafeel or sponsor in confidence during this procedure.
  • You have to renew iqama every year you cannot renew it for 2 or 3 years in advance. it is also not possible to renew it before 3 or 6 months of expiry.

Frequently asked questions:

Where I can get the application form for iqama update?

This form is available in Absher app and website you need to make an account and register yourself on the website then you can see application form in the app. This is the address of the website: Absher


What is the process of Renewal after Expiry of iqama?

The process is the same as we have explained above but you have to pay a penalty cost which can be different according to delay time duration.


What is the age limit for iqama renewal?

According to updated law in 2020 maximum age limit is 60 years you cannot apply for renewal after this age. Saudi Govt does not allow expatriates to work in KSA who are more than 60 years in age.


Can we renew our iqama after final exit?

No, it is necessary to live in KSA during this process so you cannot apply from outside. you need to renew iqama before the final exit.


How many days I can stay in KSA without iqama renewal?

The grace period is 3 days. If you cannot renew within 3 days you have to pay penalty cost.


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  1. i have already paid my iqama in riyadh why it is not renew ipay also my penalty i hane no case record why my iqama still dont to renewed

  2. My iqama will be expired on January 17,2020. And my contract will be end Feb 9,2020, is iqama has extension after the expiration date?

  3. my iaqama expiry remaining 50 days only but my wife visit visa going to expire as she completed 90 days in riyadh ,can i extend her visit visa by absher when my iqama only 50 days remaining expiry.

  4. If someone passport is expired and iqama too, and the company is not giving them their salary, neither renew and handover iqama and passport then what should they do?

    Person hired by a third party but the third party company got closed 18 months ago and since then that person didn’t get any salary neither he got the iqama from their client he works in and not his passport.

  5. a woman is living is Saudi Arabia. She worked for two years. Now she want to go to her country i.e. outside of Saudi Arabia but her sponsor/kafeel is not interested to sign on the work permit so that her paper has expired before 4 months.She is working in UAE hidden and she want to go her country.So is there any other way that she can to her country please?she is worrying.

  6. Hi,
    My company visa expire before 4 month and our company is in red color so I want to transfer my sponsorship with other kapil so how much cost we need for iqama

  7. My iqama will be expire this coming July 2020,if i wish to extend my work for another 5 months after my 2 yrs contract how much is the fee for the renewal?

  8. My Iqama is about to expire and my passport will expire after one month, please guide is that mandatory to renew passport firs

  9. my iqama is expiry 10-March-2020 already my maktable fee is paid and they detected online. my profession on iqama is Compute Technician and i am not registered in SEC.
    question without SEC jawazat can renew my iqama . pls let me know if you have any suggestion how can i renew my iqama without SEC registered.

  10. Hi,

    I need to renew my brother iqama can any one tell who much I need to pay to ministry of labor,

    can any one share the link how to check the amount in MOL

  11. Sir how about if i have a loan in the bank but i still paying it every month by deducting in my salary,the problem is iqama expire and can not renew it unless i will pay the remaining balance in the bank.please answer me in this matter so i know what i am going to do.thank you

  12. Hello my Iqama expired 10 months before but still now no renewal company also no responsible now am going to exit plan but my Iqama expired so how to go final exit and how to complaint and final exit also process please help me am in jeddah my company name al samama, My mobile number : 0570853763. Please help me am going to exit and my eye operation purpose please


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