How to check national address by iqama number?

Saudi National Address web portal offers the support to check the national address by iqama number on the web. To use the web portal, you need an iqama number and the mobile number enrolled with the online portal. Prior to continuing, you should ensure that the iqama is valid.  On 3 June 2013 Saudi Arabian … Read more

how to check iqama status with border number in KSA

In many cases, expatriates ask for a procedure to check iqama status with border number. Because in such cases they don’t have their iqama id so they want to check with border number. Today we are going to explain the process with the help of an easy tutorial. First of all, you need the Absher … Read more

check iqama date of birth and issuance [Correction or Change]

iqama date of birth

Today we are going to discuss the iqama date of birth change or correction method and issuance date checking process. As I have seen many people face problems due to the miss management of Maktab Amal. Printing mistakes are a common issue so many people ask for the date of birth correction. Don’t worry we … Read more

How many sims registered on my iqama? check now


So you are looking for the number of sims registered on your iqama in KSA? Don’t worry, we have described step by step procedure to check sims on iqama. There are three methods With mobile number CITC portal Without mobile number The easiest method to check sims on iqama is with a mobile number. Just … Read more