Iqama Format; Know all about your Iqama Card

The iqama includes 12  information and details in terms of its format like the name in Arabic, name in English, serial number, Iqama number, date of birth, date of issue, place of issue, nationality, Iqama profession, name of the employer, and religion. It is essential for every expatriate to know and understand these details, especially … Read more

Iqama Insurance Check in Saudi Arabia

Health Insurance is essential for the issuance and renewal of Iqama. Health Insurance is compulsory for all foreign residents and their family members living in KSA. You can visit the CCHI ( Council of Cooperative Health Insurance website) to check your insurance validity online. Iqama Health Insurance Check through CCHI online portal  You can check … Read more

Iqama name change in Saudi Arabia

In case of any mistake by Jawazat department name can be incorrect on your iqama. If it happens then You can’t buy a SIM card to talk with your family and friends and you can’t open a bank account to send money to your country etc. But this problem can be solved by changing the … Read more

iqama Application Check Status, Fee, Process [Download Form]

All the details about iqama application, You can check status, Fees, and Process. you can also download the form for dependents family or newborn baby. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) includes in the largest Muslim nation of the world, having an estimated 31.8 million population as per 2016 statistics. The Saudi community comprises approx. … Read more

Iqama Job / Mehna Check

  The Saudi government is severe when it comes to migration and labor policy consistency, especially on account of the expatriate workforce. Before a non-Saudi public may work in Saudi Arabia, the applicant requires local sponsorship. This is a local boss that will apply and make sure about the important work license and residency permit  … Read more