How to Check Saudi Arabia Visa Status online?

You can submit your application for the issuance of a Saudi Arabian visa directly through the  Saudi mission situated in your nation or by an authorized Saudi visa agency of the Royal Embassy of  Saudi Arabia. In case, you have applied for a tourist e-Visa, the corresponding status updates and the approved visa will be sent to you online at the email address given by you. 

For different kinds of visas issued by the state, for example, Saudi family visit visa, Saudi business visit visa,s, and Saudi work visas, you could check the Saudi visa status online through your identification number. 

In this article, we direct you through the means of checking your Saudi Arabia visa status on the web, after you have presented all the imperative records and paid the visa expense through the proper channels.

Requirements for visa check

Checking the status of your Saudi visa online is a simple strategy if you have all the correct data available to you. The data required may rely on the channel or site through which you choose to look. For example, if you wish to experience the Enjazit Online entry to check your online visa validity status, all you require is your passport number. Alongside that, you will likewise be approached to give: 

  • Visa application number 
  • Nationality 
  • Arrival destination

In case, you choose to check your Saudi visa status on the MOFA entry, you should give your ID card number just as the previously mentioned data. This can be your residence number or your Iqama number.

Checking Visa Status online via Passport number 

Application for Saudi Arabian e-visas and different kinds of visas online require registration on the Enjazit site, which goes about as a connection between the candidates and the Saudi Middle Arabian  Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). You could check the online status of your visa on the Enjazit site as well. 

Step:1 Sign in to the Enjazit site and click on “Individual” You may need to change the page language from Arabic to English.

Step:2 On the next page choose“Search for a submitted application” from the list of services. 

Step:3 On the next page you will see five boxes, which you will be required to fill with the right data. This includes your visa type, passport number, arrival destination, current nationality, and the randomly generated image code. After entering these details, click on “Perform the Search.”

The system will show your visa status on the following page. If your visa has been given, you will have the option to see the corresponding details, for example, the date of issuance and expiry date. However, you could likewise observe an error message, in the event that your visa has not yet been stamped by the authorities yet.


Checking Visa Status on the MOFA online portal


While checking Saudi visa status through the Enjazit portal is basic, it isn’t a single resource. You can check your visa validity status on the MOFA site too. This is a valuable method to check your Saudi visa status on the web if you are now in the KSA. Simply follow these easy steps:


Step:1 Visit the MOFA website portal and scroll down to the “Enquiry” section.

Step:2 In this step you are required to select “searching for,” select “an application submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.” If your visa has just been issued, you can choose “visa issued by the Ministry  of Foreign Affairs.”


Step:3 After selecting “an application submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” you will be asked to add information like the order number, record number, and then to fill in the image code.

The order number is your application number and the record number is your Iqama number or national residence number. If you choose the “visa issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs” option in the search category, you will be required to provide your visa number, instead of the order number.

Step:4 To proceed click on “Inquire”. 

In case your visa has not been issued yet or has expired, you will see an error message in Arabic. And if your visa has been issued or is still valid, the system will show you the details such as nationality, requester name, issue date, and expiry date.


The method to check the status of a Saudi Arabian visa is quite simple and easy. It is significant to keep a check on your Saudi visa status, especially the expiry date. It will help you to renew/extend it or leave the state before the visa expires. Saudi Arabia follows strict visa rules and lawbreakers might face punishment.

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