How to register with Saudi Engineering Council?

According to the Saudi Laws every engineer, expert PC engineer, system analyst needs to enroll with the Saudi Engineering Council and get registered to renew the Iqama. 

In this article, I will explain how to get registered with the Saudi Engineering Council and pay the fee for the registration. 


The registration fee is SAR 500 for Saudi Engineering Council. 

Enrollment fee SAR 200 every year for the technician and Sar 250 for Engineer. 

Letter of Introduction 

In order to register with the SEC, you need an authorization letter from your employer or kafeel. So, make sure the letter is stamped by the chamber of commerce.  

Registration Process

     1.Go to the Saudi Council of Engineering (SCE) online portal and make a profile.

  1. Upload certificate or diploma verified the two sides from the Saudi Consulate.
  2. Download the Authorization form and fill the form completely. 
  3. Recommendation from the current Saudi kafeel should be verified by the Chamber of Commerce. 
  4. Copy of passport, passport’s visa entry page, and Iqama. 
  5. Passport size photographs. 


Note: All documents are required to be verified by the Issuing Agency. 


SEC registration for the Technician 

Step:1 Firstly, go to the SEC official website and enter the required details like your email, mobile number, membership classification i.e. technician or engineer, and nationality. 


Step:2 Login to your email account to activate your SCE account, after activation login to your account. 

Step:3 In this step, you are required to enter the following details into your SEC account;

  • Passport Number 
  • Iqama number 
  • Iqama Expiry date
  • Iqama Profession 


Step: 4 Now the system will autofill your name and the  name of your employer from the Jawazat while you will have to; 

  • Enter the date of birth 
  • Enter the country of birth 
  • Select the country, region, and city of stay. 
  • Upload your photo.

In the last step, you have to select the duration of the membership with the SCE. The membership cost for the SEC for the technician is SAR 200 per year. 

SEC Registration for diploma holders

After performing the above-mentioned steps, the system will ask if you own a diploma certificate. Since, here we are talking about the SEC application for the diploma holders, we will select “Yes” here. Enter other details like; 


  • Graduation year 
  • Graduation Country 
  • Specialization
  • Institution name  

Now you need to upload all the required documents in the Saudi Engineering Council portal as a technician or engineer. 

SEC Registration for non-diploma holders 

The foreigners who don’t a diploma or degree can also complete the temporary registration process with the SEC online portal.  At the time when the system will ask if you have a certificate or diploma, select “No”. 

Note: SEC technician registration without a certificate or diploma is for a period of one year. After this, he will either have to get a diploma or change the Iqama profession. Once the period is expired, you would never allow to change profession or renew Iqama. 

Payment of SEC Registration Fee 

Now, you are required to pay SAR 500 as the registration fee. You will receive an SMS containing the SADAD bill number. The SEC will not start processing until the registration fee of SAR500 is paid. 

Yaqeen Verified  

Yaqeen verified on the SEC account means that you have successfully uploaded your Iqama in the Saudi Engineering council system. Furthermore, your basic details like your name, Iqama number, Iqama expiry date, Iqama profession, and the name of the employer are already verified by the Ministry of Labor records. 

 Jawazat Updated

Once you have paid the fee for Saudi Engineering Council registration for the technician, the department will further proceed and verify your documents. They might ask you for some additional documents or copies of the existing files. 

Once the verification process is complete by the Saudi Engineering Council, they will inform you through SMS. Then they will call you to pay the membership fee. After making the payment, the status of your account will be changed to Jawazat updated and Yaqeen verified. 



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  1. Hi , i have uploaded all documents in SCE nad still it shows that yaqeen and jawazat is not updated. its been 2 months and i have to change my profession . pls suggest me what to do next

  2. Hai, I don’t know about SCE before completing 5years after graduation I came here to saudi with 4 years. Once I registered and paid 500 SAR after that my application got rejected because of above mentioned reason. Now I need to return back to my country or Is there anyway? I came here by an engineering visa (Genereal mechanical engineer in my visa) my certificates also got attested by saudi embassy… Please help me out


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