What is Jawazat – Complete details For Expats in KSA

While you are going to Saudi Arabia as a newbie, it will be the second new Arabic word you will hear after Iqama. I believe that many of us still don’t know what Jawazat is? And what is Jawazat for? And why is Jawazat important?

 We are here to help you in this regard. We will give you all the details you want to know about Jawazat and why it is important when are going to move to Saudi Arabia. 

The General Directorate of Passports (GDP) is better known as the Jawazat in Saudi Arabia. The agency issues passports for local residents. Jawazat also owes the responsibility of issuing the Iqama or residence permit to the foreign residents in Saudi Arabia. Jawazat is also responsible for providing visa services. It includes the issuance and cancelation of exit re-entry and final exit visas.


MOI Jawazat 

It is one of the agencies of the Ministry Of Interior Saudi Arabia (MOI). It is also called the General Directorate of Passports (GDP) responsible for controlling immigration points, Saudi citizen passports, and foreigner Iqama visa (Issuing New Iqama, Iqama Renewal, Exit reentry, Final Exit).

For Saudi citizens: For local residents, Jawazat is the place to get a passport.

For Expatriates: For foreigners, Jawazat is the place of issuance of a new iqama, renewal of iqama, etc. In preceding days, an Exit visa, Exit re-entry visa were done at the Jawazat office and your Hr person or sponsor had to go to the office physically to do it. However, presently these services are available online through the Absher portal. 


How to contact Jawazat? 

The Saudi government is always trying to provide easy services to its residents. So, you don’t need to visit the Jawazat office physically to solve your queries. You can do it online by registering an Absher account. 

1. Online Portal 


Step:1 You can access the Jawazat online website portal by following the given link. http://www.gdp.gov.sa.


Step:2 Select the “English” language if you can’t read and understand Arabic. 


Step:3 Click the “New User” located in the upper right corner of the page. 


Step:4 Enter all the required information. While entering your mobile number, firstly remove the zero. 


Step:5 After entering the mobile number, you will receive an activation code through a text message on your given number. Enter the activation code and iqama number. 


Step:6 Now, select a username and password as per the given conditions. You may need to perform 2-3  attempts before you get a username that has not been taken already. You can also see the small green and red ticks indicating your password meets the conditions or not. This is purely for the confidentiality and safety of your account. 


Step:7 Click “Print” to take a print of your online form. 


Step:8 Sign and date the form at the bottom left side of the form and submit it to the nearest
Jawazat office. The officer will collect the form and encode it into the computer. Your account will be activated within 5 minutes to one day. 

2. Office Address: 


Jawazat Riyadh

Riyadh Passport Office 


King Fahad Branch Road 

Al Murabba


Saudi Arabia



Jawazat Jeddah 

Jeddah Passport Office 

Abdullah Balkhayr 

Al Baghdadiyah Al Sharqiyah

Jeddah- 22241

Saudi Arabia 



Eastern Province Passport Office 

9th Street 

Dammam 32241

Saudi Arabia 

3. Riyadh Bank Account 

Lastly, if you have a Riyadh bank account, you can complete the registration by visiting the Riyadh Bank website. (log on to your online bank account). Once you register, you can log in and use the Absher services. 


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  1. As salaam Ali kum I need one help I was in India but my sponsor not reniew my iqama last 30 Nov 21 my iqama was expire . its possible to renew . or transfer to another sponsor


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