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These days there are many issues related to Visa validity in KSA. Because they have changed online portals. So Now you need to register on Absher to check Validity and expiry dates of Visit, Exit re-entry, Mofa visa or Muqeem status. But still, you can check it on E-serve portal maybe this will also shift to Absher in future.

This is the reason we have published this guide to help you in all the process. We will explain everything step by step so don’t worry and follow this guide.

As there is a big number of Expats living in Saudi Arabia. So Visa and flights related issues growing day by day. Govt is taking necessary actions to solve these issues with the help of Absher portal.

Check Visa Validity in KSA Step by step Method

So If you are a Muqeem means living in KSA. You need to visit following Eserve portal Where you need the following things:

Visit portal here

Now as you can see in below screenshot, you need to write iqama number or visa number in the first field.

visa validity ksa

In the second field, you need to write your name or date of birth or expiry date of the above-given visa or iqama number. For example, if you have written Visa number in the above field then you can also write an iqama number in the second field.

check visa validity

After writing all the info. you can click on view button and see the validity and expiry dates of your visa.

you can check the following types of visas with help of above-mentioned E-serve portal.

  1. visit
  2. family
  3. labor
  4. hajj
  5. umrah
  6. final exit
  7. doctor
  8. Exit re-entry


How to check Mofa Visa?

Mofa Stands for Ministry of foreign affairs in Saudi Arabia. This ministry plays an important role in law and policymaking. They have tools for documents checking on their website.

You need to apply through Mofa if you want to invite your family members in Saudi Arabia. If you want to perform Hajj while during your stay. In this case, you also need to apply through Mofa. you cannot do all these tasks without Mofa permissions.

To check the status of your family visa or application you can visit the following website of the ministry of foreign affairs.

Visit Now

You can submit an application for family or wife visa to Mofa.

These are the tasks which you can check on the Mofa website.

  • If you can to check the status of visa which Mofa has issued you can select the first option.
  • The second option is for Umrah application status.
  • If you want to check data of any invitation letter then choose 3rd option.
  • For Haj request you can choose the last option.

Here you can see 4 fields. In the first select, your category in the second field write application number.

In Id Number field, Write id number of application and then write captcha code as it is. Now click on Inquire to check status.

Mofa visa

you can submit Application for following types of Visa on Mofa Website.

Visa types

Exit Re-Entry Visa Validity and status

Saudi govt laws are very strict for expats. Because KSA is a rich country and people of nearby poor countries want to work there.

But Saudi Govt cannot control this much people so they have a clear policy on it. They only want to keep beneficial people in their country. They prefer mostly doctors, Engineers or other skilled people.

Exit re-entry is also a Law to control Expats So If you want to Exit from KSA you need an Exit Visa for this. If you want to come again for work then you need Exit re-entry Visa. You need to follow certain rules and guidelines to avail all this. You can read more details on the Saudi Embassy website.

To check the status of Exit Re-entry visa you need a new app called “Absher” It is available in android and Apple iPhone. I will highly recommend to install and use this app if you are an Expat.

The registration process on this app is available on our website you can check it here. All the issues and status related to expats are available on this app now. Like iqama status, Huroob status, Traffic violation Fines and many other tools.


Muqeem word is used for expats in KSA. the process of visa checking for Muqeem is also the same as we have explained above.

Enjaz Visa:

It is a portal by Govr of Saudi Arabia to facilitate Expats in visa issues you can simply visit this site: To check status or submitting an application. If you have any question or confusion related to Enjaz kindly ask in the comments section below.

E-visa system:

E-visa is a new system introduced by Govt recently. With the help of this system, you can apply for the visa online. You don’t need to visit any office etc. currently you can apply only for visit visa with help of this system but in future Govt is thinking to make all the process online so that people can easily avail any kind of visa from the comfort of their home.

Visa Fees:

Govt usually updates visa policies and fees so we have another article where we have updates fee details. you can read it here.

If you are facing any issue related to iqama or Visa in Saudi Arabia kindly write in the comments section we will try best to reply and help.

As Saudi Arabia is Second-tier Country Like UAE, Dubai, Qatar, China, Russia So this reason that Visa Process is different if you have a 3rd tier country passport. But If you have a strong Passport Like USA, UK, Germany or France then it is easy to get Saudi Visa.

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  1. I have 180days Saudi visa. Multiple entry with 90days stay. Until now I made 1 entry and exit. My visa is validity is until 3rd march 2020 considering 180 days. In case I make one more entry before 3rd march what would be the number of days I can be in Saudi.

  2. I worked in saudi arabia one and half year ago . I worked 5 years in transportation company . After 5 years company work situation was not good . Then i decide for the final exit and will come on the new visa . But my compny dont agree and send me on re entry visa . Therefore i am bain for the three years .

  3. What is the latest news for those people on vacations and they wants to come back but deu to crona virus no flights are available and also there exist reentry is expired with in next few days

  4. I am narendra kumar singh from Nepal since 2014 to working in saudiarab but now i am on vacation in nepal and my vacation is complete but all flight are cancel for (covid 19 virus ) until further notice also my re entry visa is expiry 25 march 2020 how will i am come saudi arab after that situation normal thanks .

  5. Dears,

    When renewing the visit visa for my relative, Absher advised that there is no medical insurance. Note that medical insurance is valid through 09-01-2021 by Solidarity for Mrs. Amal Anouti under no. 620242812020.
    I’ll renew this policy on the website, please make sure it will be linked to the Saudi Passports to enable visa renewal

    For further communication, please contact 0537144378

    Mohamad Hachoui

    • boss i have a question
      my brother come from Pakistan he have a new visa only one month left to finished the visa validity . i just hear some one visa validity automatically extend . but i dont know about this if you have any knowledge about this problem so please tell me his validity expire in 27 may 2020 …

  6. My son is now studying in USA having an exit-reentry visa valid upto Mid- April-2020. Due to COVID-19 he is not able to come to KSA. His Iqama is valid upto July-2021. Now what will be the status of his exit-reentry visa. How it will be extended. In the social media there are lot of news that ER visa will be extended automatically or some cases will be done by sponsor. There is a new button for visa extension. Somebody noted this is for employees only, not for family member.

    Is there any clear information how it will be done. Some people wrote that this will be renewed automatically for 3 months like Auto Iqama renewal. I hope this should be the case for exit-reentry visa (auto extension). Inshallah we can hope for this good news.

  7. Visa number and is there any validity date for that and where it is mentioned in the passport? Please make sure that I am not talking about the Exit-Re-entry Visa Number and its validity ( As that number keep changing on each exit-reentry.
    Suppose I have not travelled for 2/3 years and staying in KSA, what would be by Visa Number and its validity? That is the one the Indian Banks are asking these days.
    Please advise.

    Thank you


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