Traffic Violation Check in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi government is immensely strict when it comes to traffic rules and laws. There is no concession for you if you found violating the traffic laws and you will have to pay a handsome amount in the form of a penalty. In this article, we will discuss traffic violations and how to check the related details.

The Heaviest fines for drifting the Traffic Laws

The heaviest fine for violating the traffic laws, SAR 20,000 for the first time, SAR 40,000 for the second time, and SAR 60,00 for the third traffic violation. The other most basic is for abusing the Red sign, otherwise called traffic light camera fine, and it begins from 3000 SAR to 6000 SAR.

Traffic Fine Check with Absher

Traffic violations are directly associated with your Resident Identity Card or Iqama. It has nothing to do with your driving license number or your car. You should register an Absher account to know more information about the traffic violations such as date, time, location, and violation ID.  

Traffic violation inquiry is made under the Ministry of Interior and is mentioned on the department website. So, if you are looking to check your traffic violation details, kindly follow the below-mentioned steps: 

 Step:1 Visit the Absher online portal by following the link,  

iqama grama

Step:2 Enter the username and password to login into your account. 

Step:3 In the third step you have to click on “Traffic Violation Information”. 

Step:4 You should scroll Right Left if it is not shown on the main page. 

Step:5 You don’t need to enter the ID number as you already have signed in through Absher. 

Step:6 Now you will see the total amount of Unpaid Violations. Count means that how many times You have violated the traffic rules for unpaid. 

Step:7 now you can also see the “Paid Violations” until the present with all the details. 

Traffic Fine Check without Absher 

In case you don’t have an  Absher account and want to check your traffic violations and fines, you can check it. Nowadays you can check your traffic penalties without the Absher account. Here, I am going to describe the complete procedure to check traffic queries without Absher. So, read carefully and follow the below steps: 

Step:1 Visit the Absher online portal ( 

Step:2 Click on Individual. 

Step:3 The next step is to select the language, if you know Arabic then it’s ok. Otherwise select English. 

Step:4  Now click on “Query Traffic Violation for visitors”. 


Step:5 Now you are required to enter your Iqama number, ID card number, Passport number, Housing Card, and Saudi ID in GCC.

Step:6 Enter the image code and click on “View”. 

The system will show you the details if there is any violation you will see here. 


Traffic Camera Violation Check through SMS

You can check Saher Cameras Violations by sending an SMS. To check the traffic camera violations through SMS follow the method mentioned below: 


  • For Mobily users, write *56* in the message box and send it to 625555. 
  • For STC users, write *56* in the message box and send it to 88993. 


Time and Location Check of Traffic Violation 

One of the biggest advantages of having an Absher account is that it allows you to check the time and location of the traffic violation. So, you will be able to know when, where, and how you violated the traffic rules including the violation ID. 

The method is quite easy, you just need to login into your Absher account < eServices <Traffic < Traffic Violation Information < and violation information, and Violation Time. Here, you’ll also be able to see the google map location. Normally, the location is with 3-5 km accuracy. 

Note: This way, you can also check your violation penalties and counts. 

Traffic Violation ID and Vehicle Number 

Through an Absher account, you’ll be able to check details about traffic violations information such as : 

  1. Violation Date 
  2. Violation Value
  3. Violation Number
  4. Vehicle Number Plate
  5. Violation Time
  6. Paid Violations 
  7. Unpaid Violations 
  8. Location of the Violations – coordinating with Google Map 

If your company has many cars and drivers, it will be challenging to search through only traffic violation ID as all the penalty is against the employer ID. If the relevant department tracks the number plate of the violated vehicle, they will see who was driving at that specific time and location easily. 

You just need to follow the above-mentioned method and then click on more details in a Traffic violation. The way at Absher will be: 

  • Go to the Absher website by clicking on
  • Log in to Absher account.
  • Click on Traffic Violation Information”. 
  • Then click on “More Details”. 
  • You will see the window containing the complete information. 

After that, you’ll be able to get the exact time and location of the violation. This will help you if you are having any problem with the number plate’s respective driver being used.  



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