sdaia tawakkalna not working? check solution now

Are you facing issues with the Tawakkalna app and worried about why it is not working? actually, it was released by Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority in an emergency situation.

So there are a few bugs that most people face. But don’t worry you can see a few solutions to your problems with Tawakkalna in the next steps.

tawakkalna app not working

Tawakkalna Covid-19 KSA contact for emergency

If you are facing an issue again and again related to app or Tawakkalna status then you can directly contact the department at this email address [email protected]

Sdaia department will reply to your email during working hours as soon as possible.

Tawakkalna app not opening?

This can be the issue with your internet connection so please check your mobile internet connection and wifi you can try by opening a few other online apps.

If other online apps are working properly but only Tawakkalna is not opening then you should wait for a few minutes because their server can be down temporarily.

If the issue still exists then kindly restart your cell phone or install the app again from the play store.

Login problem

many people are reporting that they are unable to login into the app this issue has been solved by the department.

But if you still facing this issue then I will suggest resetting your password by clicking “forgot password” on this page. After resetting your password, you will be able to log in.

The first sign that your SDAiA Tawakkalna app is not working is when it starts to load slowly. This is usually due to the size of the application.

If you see a slow progress bar, it may be because the installation file is too large. To fix the problem, go to the app store and check the size of the installation file. If it is too large, it will take longer to load. The next step is to re-download it.

Once you have your Absher account, you should be able to log in to the application. If you don’t have one, you can create one.

It will then automatically download your Tawakkalna app. You can then use it to check if your health status is good or bad.

If your Tawakkalna app is not working, the next step is to contact the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority. The agency is working on making the service more accessible and user-friendly.

If you are using the Tawakkalna application, you should be able to download and install updates. This will allow you to stay updated with the latest news about the virus. If you are in Saudi Arabia, you should be able to register with the app.

However, if you are not a citizen of the Kingdom, you cannot register and use the app. The app will not work properly if you are not a Saudi citizen.

Once you have registered, you can use Tawakkalna. It is necessary to register on the app if you want to use the app. You can register by entering your passport number, date of birth, and mobile phone number.

Then, you can choose a password and follow the steps that it requires. Then, you can use Tawakkalna to log into your SDAia account.

If your SDAia Tawakkalna is not working, you need to register first. Then, enter your passport number and the date of your birth to make sure that you’re a Saudi citizen.

After that, you’ll have to answer a few questions about your health to ensure you’re registered correctly. Afterward, you can login to Tawakkalna and start using the app.

Once you’ve verified that your Iqama number and passport are registered in your Absher account, you can begin using the Tawakkalna application.

To register, you simply enter your information into the application and create an eight-character password.

Then, you’ll be able to enter public places in Saudi Arabia. If your mobile number isn’t registered, you’ll need to register it in your Absher account.

If your SDAiA Tawakkalna app isn’t working, try registering with the ministry of education. In Saudi Arabia, you’ll need to register with the app to get a COVID vaccination appointment.

By following the instructions provided on the app, you’ll be able to get the required vaccinations in time. Fortunately, Tawakkalna is available for iOS and Android devices.

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