Saudi Arabia Visa Check and Information

Hundreds of visa applicants apply for a Saudi visa online or to the Saudi embassy in their country. The foreign ministry of KSA receives many applications and approve them according to law and requirements. Here, I have all the necessary details that will help you with the Saudi Arabia visa check

As a hub of wealth and landscape, it attracts businessmen, job seekers, and tourists. They see profits for their businesses, a good job for future life, and beautiful land to visit. When they complete all the requirements and apply for a Saudi visa, they need to know about their visa status after a while, their visa is accepted or not.

There are types of visas you apply such as Hajj or Umrah visa, visit visa, family visa, and employee visa. Some rules and regulations are different for each type of visa such as visa fee, stay time and required documents.

Let’s take a look at the different types of visas:


  • If you want to get to Sauida for any business purpose such as attending meetings, conferences, or other events, you will get a business visa. You will need to get an invitation. That visa can be with single or multiple entries.


  • More than billions of Muslims live around the globe. They love to get Hajj and Umrah visas to take a part in religious activities. You can apply with the help of an authorized travel agency or you can go to the embassy. That visa will apply only in Jeddah, Madina, and Makkah, you can’t go to another city such as Taif. The time duration of an Umrah visa is 30 days and that starts from the day you arrive. You can’t use that visa for business or residential purposes.


  • Like other countries, Saudi Arabia also wants to promote its tourism and welcome the tourist from all around the world. Tourists apply for a Saudi visa because they want to experience the rich history, heritage sites, and landscape. So, anyone can apply for an e-visa or can get a visa on arrival.


  • If you get an opportunity to work in any Saudi based company, you can apply for a work/employment visa. The required document is the letter of introduction from the sponsor company, certified by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Saudi Chamber of Commerce in the KSA.


  • There are many other kinds of visas also such as Diplomatic and Official Visa, Government Visa, Student Visa, and Exit/Re-Entry Visa.


Besides, if you are flying from your country to another country with a transit flight, and your stay in any airport of Saudia Arabia is more than 12 hours, then you need a “transit visa”. When you book your flight by yourself or via a travel agency and see a long time stay at the airport, you can ask about a transit visa. According to your request, they will help you regarding a transit visa.


In past years, the Saudi government made an online system of visa checking for the help of visa applicants. Any visa candidate can go to their official website Enjazit and get to know about visa status by putting just a passport number. Let me explain the visa checking process in detail.

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How To Check Saudi Visa With Passport Number?

A visa applicant can be from any country such as Pakistan, Philippine, Bangladesh, and India, but the visa checking process is the same for everyone, just enter a passport number and the screen will show your visa status. Within a few seconds, you will know your visa is approved or rejected.

You may follow these instructions:

Step:1 Click on this URL and go to this website’s official page.

Step:2 You will see the option of language on the top right corner, so click on “English”.

Step:3 You will see a form with five questions #1 Enter Passport Number, #2 Tick your visa type (Resident, Hajj, Umrah, Transit of Diplomatic), #3 write image code, #4 Your Nationality and #5 System will ask about your visa issuing authority you will select the city from where you applied for the visa.

Step:4 After putting all the above information, press the “Search” option.

The system will show you visa status automatically. Your visa has been issued, if you are seeing all visa related information in detail. But if you see an error message in red color means your visa is not approved yet. It is a common Saudi visa check method.


NOTE: The same process goes for work visa checks.


Saudi Visa Check For E Visa

Saudia offers another option for many countries called E visas. The method is quite simple and anyone can apply for it. People prefer to get this opportunity for a Saudia visit. It is swift, and they issue the e-visa immediately.  

When you apply, they ask many questions about your visa and contact, so in this step be careful and give your correct email address. After visa issuing, you will receive an email of visa approval. In case of didn’t receive it, you can check your spam folder, archive folder, or delete the folder. Because usually, it takes 1 to 3 business days. 

But if you don’t receive it, go to their official site and fill the “Contact Us” form and tell them about your visa problem. In the next 72 hours, they will reply to you. 


Final Words:

We have explained the complete procedure in detail. But be careful from start to end. Fill the application forms with correct information and complete all visa requirements. Because sometimes a small mistake can damage your whole visa process and you can face any problem. Understand all visa regulations and make sure you do not overstay the visa limit. In case of any violations, you will be heavily fined or even you will be deported. They can ban your traveling and in the future, you can’t enter KSA.



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