Procedure to get National Address Print online

The national address is one of the compulsory documents required in banks, insurance, and internet connection. So, you should have a national address print with yourself. 

Saudi National Address online portal offers the support to check national address by iqama number on the web. To utilize the web portal, you need the iqama number and the mobile number, enlisted with the online portal. Before continuing further, you should ensure that the iqama is as yet valid. 

This article shows the entire method. Also, before the end of the post, you would have the option to download and print the national address too. If you are not already registered with the online portal, you can go register with the national address of Saudi Arabia?

In this article, I am going to discuss how you can take a print of your national address Saudi Arabia. You just need to follow the steps, I am going to mention below. Go to the official website,  insert iqama, mobile, it gives you a proof of your residence, takes a screenshot, to go out for shopping during 6 to 3, in your neighborhood only.

This service empowers residents and citizens enrolled with the national address to deal with their enlisted national addresses, where they can ask about the details of the national address, add family members individuals, and update the area of their national address.


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  • Iqama or ID number (Residence Permit).
  • To be registered under the National Address Saudi Arabia. 
  • The new address must be correct.


How to check and print the national address in Saudi Arabia? 

To check the national location, the absolute first technique is that you should register on the web portal. In case you haven’t registered yet, then you can peruse the system to get registered first.

Once you got your registered national address in Saudi Arabia, you can print your national proof of address. You just need your national address registered mobile number and Iqama number. Here, I will show you how to take a print of national address proof after registering a national address in Saudi Arabia.

Step:1 Firstly, go to the official website of the national address of Saudi Arabia ( 

Step:2 Now you’ll be redirected to the home page of the national address Saudi Arabia. 

Step:3 Select the “Print Individual Address”. 

Step:4 Then click “Now”. 

Step:5 Now you will see a new page. Here you are required to enter your ID/ Iqama number in the first box. Enter your mobile number in the second box. And then click on the “Verify ID” button. 


Step:6 Now you will receive a one time password on your mobile. Enter the password in the box shown below. 

Step:7 Click on the proof of address button. Now you can print or save the national address proof. 




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