Check iqama Mehna or profession status [change process and Fees]

iqama profession

You can check iqama Mehna or profession within few minutes with the help of this straightforward guide in KSA. We will also help to change the job. Saudi Arabic government issues “Iqama” as per their policy to manage foreign hire’s employment in the country. Saudi government offers iqama or residence permit to the expatriates staying … Read more

Iqama translation in Saudi Arabia [Arabic to English words]

iqama translation

As we know the Saudi Govt Release Iqama in the Arabic language So here you can see iqama translation in English to understand it easily. We tried best to explain everything in detail but if you still have any confusion kindly ask in comments.     Name: your name will be mention here both in … Read more

Transfer Iqama without Kafeel approval or permission

here we have explained step by step procedure to transfer iqama without kafeel permission. If an expatriate is in compliance with any of these conditions and his contract with current Kafeel is completed then he is able to change his Iqama sponsorship without sponsors’ approval or consent. transferring Iqama without the permission of the Kafeel … Read more

Check Iqama Huroob Status Khurooj Removal

iqama huroob khurooj

Today we are going to share an easy and latest method to check iqama Huroob status and process to remove it easily. It also called Khurooj in Arabic. In 2020 all the methods are online and easy as compare to past Now it’s easy to Remove Huroob due to the online process. First, for beginner … Read more

how many sims allowed on iqama in KSA [check in 1 minute]

In this article, we have explained easy methods to check how many sims allowed on iqama. You can also check the sim cancelation procedure in KSA. How to check sims on my iqama? In Saudi Arabia yet, there is no biometric verification for SIM cards. So, there is the risk of misusing your iqama to … Read more