Iqama Job / Mehna Check


The Saudi government is severe when it comes to migration and labor policy consistency, especially on account of the expatriate workforce. Before a non-Saudi public may work in Saudi Arabia, the applicant requires local sponsorship. This is a local boss that will apply and make sure about the important work license and residency permit  (Iqama), for the worker to work and stay in the KSA. 


The foreign employee might be employed for just a fixed-term relating to the length of their work permit and Iqama. In the private area, the legitimacy of the work permit is right now restricted to one year, with the requirement for renewal from that point.


What is Iqama Profession/ Mehna? 

Mehna is the job or profession category. If someone asks you about your Mehna, he is actually referring to your Iqama job or Iqama profession rather than your actual profession.


Article 378 of the Saudi Labor Law prohibits employers from employing a worker in a profession other than the one mentioned in his Iqama.  


As innovation is improving step by step everywhere in the world, Saudi Arabia attracted numerous foreigners by giving the latest technology to government offices. Foreigners and nationals can get to the latest technology benefits of the online service of interior websites. So you don’t need to go to your sponsor over and over for minimal little data.


How to check the job title/ Iqama Mehna of your Iqama 

There are basically two ways to check Iqama job or Iqama Mehna, firstly by looking at the
Iqama card and secondly through Absher. In case you want to check the status of the change of Iqama job, you will have to do it via Absher.  


Check Iqama Profession/ Mehna printed on the card

You must know that there are 12 essential details printed on your Iqama card and one of them is your job title or profession written in front of the “Mehna” category.  


During a raid by the labor office on your office or workplace, the officers check the Mehna on your Iqama card and check if you are actually working in the same position. Let suppose, if your Iqama profession is Labor and you are working on a computer, they will detect that you are violating the law. 


Check the Iqama Profession through the online portal 


Many foreigners lack knowledge of the online advantages offered by the Saudi government authorities to them. Due to unawareness, you may experience inconvenience. Here, we have all the details about the Iqama profession. To check the status of your Iqama job carefully follow the steps stated below: 


Step:1 To access the online services you just need to register an account with the Ministry of Interior online website portal. If you are already registered with Absher you can log in to your account.


Step:2 Login to MOI website by entering your username and password. 


Step:3 Click on “My Dashboard” 


Step:4 Now you can see your current professional title, which is located on the left side and exact below your image. 


Check the Iqama Profession through NCB bank

In case you have an account with the Al Ahli bank, you can check your Iqama Mehna online using NCB internet banking services. In order to check your Iqama job status via NCB bank follow the given steps: 


Step:1 Log in to your account and click on the “settings”. 


Step:2 Click on “ID Expiry Update”. 


Step:3 The system will fetch your Iqama Mehna or profession from the Jawazat data and display it on your screen. Please note that in case of a contradiction between the Iqama profession displayed on the Iqama Mehna shown in Absher account and the displayed on the NCB, you should always trust MOI. 


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