Iqama Grama Check in KSA [Easy for Expats]

Living in KSA for expatriates is not an easy task, especially since having less knowledge of iqama fines can cause you many hurdles. Minute mistakes lead foreigners to pay heavy fines also known as Mukhalfa or grama in the Arabic language.

While living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, underestimating rules’ strictness may cause you high penalties.

Every time you get a traffic violation ticket, it will be recorded on your profile in the MOI system forever.

You can get your fine list and other details by signing in to the Ministry of Interior online portal Absher.

You will have the option to check your traffic fine, Grama sum, and different subtleties by visiting the Absher site. Following are the directions to check traffic fines on Iqama Number.

The Saudi government is quite diligent regarding laws, rules, and guidelines inside the nation. If foreigners neglect to follow KSA laws, they are accused of heavy fines/Grama or Mukhalfa. 

Residents are obliged to keep the guidelines as the Saudi government has programmed punishing frameworks. The digitalized computerized system introduced in KSA  investigates and catch rules infringement through observation cameras. 


In the event that an expat infringes upon and breaks any rule, the cameras detect it promptly and continue to record a fine directly against the iqama. 


As KSA has an exacting law strategy and secure mechanized systems, each expatriate who disrupts the norms in a flash gets a message involving all infringement subtleties on their mobiles. 

These iqama fine charges and subtleties are later checked through the Iqama number of an expatriate. 


Expats are ignorant of Saudi principles typically violate free laws and are accused of punishments in the daily schedule.

Individuals may confront fines in different infringement cases including traffic, common undertakings, iqama Huroob, iqama expiry, identification, etc.


The aim of this article is to explain the method of iqama fines or grama online via the Absher portal.


How to check grama on Iqama? 


To check the grama on your iqama you just need to follow the given steps. So read carefully:


Step:1 Visit the Absher website “” 

Step:2 Select the language, if you know Arabic then go with it. Otherwise, choose English for further proceeding. 


Step:3 Create your account using Iqama Number. 


Step:4 Login to your Absher account by entering your username and password. 



Step:5 On the home page Click on “Total Amount for Traffic Violations”. 


Step:6 Enter your ID/ iqama number and image code then click on “View”.


Step:7 Now go to the next page. Here you will see the total amount of traffic fine on the given Iqama number. 



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