Check Exit Re entry visa validity status

In this guide you can find 2 methods to check exit re entry visa status both are easy to follow first one is without Absher portal.

If you ought to go to any country for some reason you request a visa and when you obtain that visa, you can proceed to your destined country along with your passport and flight ticket and return whenever you need within your visa extension in a breeze. 

check exit re entry visa status

Unfortunately, it doesn’t apply in Saudi Arabia where you can arrive with a visa but you can’t depart without acquiring an exit visa. 

It means the first visa you secured of your home country from Saudi Arabia provides you legally just to set foot in Saudi Arabia.  

To exit Saudi Arabia and re-enter KSA you require to register for a Saudi Arabia Exit re-entry visa. 

Saudi Arabia is quite flinty when it comes to the rules and regulations for the immigration of non-natives. Mulcts and sanctions are stated who take no notice of the rules. 

Exit/ re-entry is not labeled or glued on the passport, preferably it’s published online in a quick manner. After registering online and making a quick payment system issues the visa which then can be printed on paper. 

It’s suitable to keep this Visa with you to display the visa of your home country at the airport, whereas it’s perfectly fine to not show it at KSA airport as it’s already registered online in Saudi Arabia. 

Now that you have a re-entry exit visa you can check your visa online as well and for that two methods are preferred.

  • By availing Visa validity facility without Absher Account.
  • By availing Absher account.

check exit re-entry visa status without Absher

The first and foremost process to check exit reentry Visa status is to avail ” visa validity facility” rendered by muqeem gateway.

You will get your visa checked easily, and fortunately, there is no necessity for an Absher account for this service.

Here are basic steps to check your exit reentry visa status.

Initially visit visa validity service by clicking the link mentioned below Here:


  1. The default language is Arabic but you can change it into the English language in settings.
  2. Some options will appear and the first one to more apps is ” check using”  select one of the options: Iqama number or visa number whatever you prefer.
  3. After selecting one of the numbers the bank field option will appear.
  4.  Once you have chosen your Iqama or visa number you will see another option “crossmatch by” clicking on “please choose value”  and selecting any of the following; iqama number, date of birth, name, visa expiry date, or Iqama expiry date anything you prefer.
  5. Once you select from the list, an empty bar will appear and you need to enter the number of things you have chosen


  • Passport number
  • Iqama number
  • Visa number 
  • Date of birth
  • Name
  • Visa expiry date
  • Iqama expiry date 

Tap on the “the check” button.

After you click on the check button you will be directed to all the details about your visa status.

Second method to get your visa to exist re-entry status

The government of Saudi Arabia has switched the service of public query exit reentry visa to the Absher website. Not only this but many of the Iqama-related services offered have been switched to Absher accounts. 

Beforehand it was easy to avail of these services but now you have to get your Absher account registered to use the services. Hence if you want to avail of these services you have to generate an Absher account.

  • Click here to generate your account. Absher Portal
  • Now that your account is generated, you can have access to all services offered by iqama. You can download the application from the google play store.

For better understanding follow these steps mentioned below to check exit reentry visa status.

  • First  and foremost visit the official Answer website
  • Click “individuals” on the upcoming page.
  • Next change the default Arabic language to English in settings.
  • As your account is already generated you can log in to it easily.
  • After you’re logged into your account click on “public query” of exit reentry visa status.

Next everything is the same on the MOI website, enter needed data and you will be directed with your details on checking to exit re-entry visa status.

And that’s all, these are the few basic conditions and methods to get your visa to exist re-entry status checked. 

Make sure to fulfill all the requirements needed to face no difficulties and you can re-enter and exit easily.

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