Absher Account Registration in KSA [APP, Login, MOI]

Today we are going to share an easy method for Absher registration, password reset, login, MOI, and many other things in KSA.

In the tech-orientated world, different nation’s governments are looking for effective and smart solutions to centrally alert the citizens about their new policies, new laws, rules implementation, and so on.

In the digital age, the Saudi government is not behind in terms of financial stability as well as technology compared to other countries.

The latest official application “Absher” is an astounding prove of their technology evolution! Let’s check it out…

introduction with MOI

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s government launched a free smartphone application “Absher” in 2015.

The smartphone application is available on the Apple App Store and Google play store to install in iOS and Android smartphones.

Absher is an official online services portal from the Saudi Government to facilitate the residents and expatriates living in the country.

The application is widely known as the centralized business and individuals e-services mobile application. it redirects the residents to avail Absher portal services in Saudi Arabia.


Absher is an Arabic word that roughly refers to “done, yes or good tidings”. The application is termed productive from both government and individual ends due to the autonomy. It provides for accomplishing daily activities with ease.

Absher allows individuals to access several online government services including registering the vehicles, Iqama/Visa apply or renewal, government official appointments, Hajj Eligibility, driving license, checking mails and much more.

App Login, Forgot password or reset issues.

According to the latest announcement of the Saudi Government, “all the residents and expatriates living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia mandatory have to create an Absher account to avail legislative services by 2019”.

However, here are some of the common queries Saudi residents and expatriates have to understand Absher’s working properly.

Many people facing issues in-app login and few people also forgot the password so See below details for these issues.

How does this portal work?

Absher application is an online e-services portal or account created on the Ministry of Interior at Saudi Arabia’s website which empowers the expatriates and citizens to fulfill their routine needs.

It is a centralized government application to inform the citizens about their official and legal status in the KSA.

Absher Registration process in KSA

Step#1: Initiate with opening the Absher Official Website on your laptop, smartphones or tablets.

Step#2:  As the websites appear on the screens, you will see two options “Business and Individuals”. Click on the Individuals option, as shown in the picture below:


Step#3: A new page having an Arabic/ English mix context will open after selecting individuals’ options. Select the English option to operate the registration process further if you are an expatriate in KSA.


Step#4: Selecting any option, including English or Arabic, will lead you to a new page having a login bar. Please click on the “New User” option to register on Absher.

absher forgot password

Form Filling: Now a user registration panel will appear on your screen requiring you to enter the following information:

Form Explained

  • Iqama Number: Enter your ID or Iqama Number.
  • Mobile Number: Insert your in-use contact details.
  • Username in English: Select a unique and easy Username in English and memorize it well. You will have to enter it every time you log into the Absher account. In case, you forget the username; you can log in with Iqama Number as well.
  • Password: Create a strong alphanumeric password which should at least be of eight characters.
  • Email Address: Enter your official Email ID and reconfirm it.
  • Preferred Language: Select from English or Arabic Language as per your understandings.
  • Image Code: Re-enter the captcha code shown in the image to prove you are not a robot.
  • Terms and Condition: Go through the terms and conditions in-depth and agree to register an account.
  • Click NEXT.

absher registration form

Confirmation: By clicking Next, you will receive a confirmation code SMS on your mobile number. Enter the activation code received along with your Iqama number and press “OK” to register your account on Absher as shown below:


Step#7: Now, you will receive a registration confirmation message on your screens showing the successful process of your account registration. Next, you have to print the invoice to activate your Absher account.

absher account

Absher Account Activation Procedure

To successfully activate your Absher Account, here are three different methods to follow:

  • Absher KIOSK self-service machine
  • Jawazat office
  • Through Different Banks

Absher Kiosk Self Service Machine (Easy Method): Visit any KIOSK machine in Jeddah, Riyadh or within your vicinity and follow the below-mentioned steps to activate Absher account:

Begin with selecting your English or Arabic language settings.

activation of absher

Next, proceed with selecting the “Register/Activate” option appearing on the screen.

In the next step, the KIOSK machine will ask you to enter your Iqama number. Make sure to insert the correct Iqama number and press the “NEXT” button.

account activation

The next step will request you to scan your both left and right hand’s index fingerprints one after another using a fingerprint reader. So it is easy to find the fingerprint reader as it usually blinks in blue or red color. Keep trying until it accepts the fingerprints for your Absher account activation.


After scanning the fingerprints successfully, the terms and conditions agreement will appear on KIOSK screens. Go through them carefully and tap “Agree”.

Now the MOI Absher KIOSK self-service machine will ask for your mobile number after agreeing on the terms and conditions. So enter the correct mobile number on the KIOSK touch screen and press “NEXT”.

Now with a registered Absher account, the system will send a verification SMS on your mobile number with an activation code for the account activation.

As you receive the activation code, enter it on the KIOSK touch screen. However, After entering the code press “NEXT”. In case you do not receive the code at once, tap resend.

Confirmation MOI

Right after pressing “NEXT” on the KIOSK screen, you will receive a confirmation SMS on your mobile phone stating that you have successfully created and activated the Absher account. So you can access your MOI Absher account portal by clicking on the link below.

A congratulations message will also appear on the KIOSK machine’s screen. Now that you have an activated Absher account, never forget to press “EXIT” on the device before leaving.

Here’s A Wrap!

MOI Absher Application is categorized productive as it facilitates the expatriates and residents of Saudi Arabia to check and manage various services.


It is easily accessible on laptops, tablets, smartphones, PCs and KIOSK machines. So, It keeps the individuals informed about their Iqama expiry, exit re-entry visa, Istimara renewal, and so on! All-in-all, it is an excellent initiative of the Saudi Government to empower its citizens.

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